Girls und Panzer der Film

1080p | 720p

There will be a batch with the OVA and extras (NCOPs/NCEDs) at some later date.

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Ao Haru Ride 10, Panzer OVA, Monogatari BD Volume 6, Yama 2 06

Ao Haru Ride 10

Girls und Panzer OVA
1080p | 720p

By the way, there is only the normal track with German this time. And the 1080p has 5.1 audio.

Monogatari S2 BD Volume 6
1080p | 720p

Yama no Susume S2 06

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>panzerfahren is official


<jdp> how does it feel fnord
<fnord> legitimately heroic

>/a/’s face when

>fnord’s face when

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Panzer 12v2

Torrent | Patch

Apparently there is some horrible translation error or something.

idk, I’m just releasing it.

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Girls und Panzer 12 END


(picture unrelated)

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