Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road 01


herkz: Starting off with a bang.

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  1. V says:

    Awesome! Only a Haikyuu release could match the excitement this release gave me.

  2. Anifan says:

    they might actually complete that section in 2 episodes?!? O.O

    last season it took 2~3 just to complete 500m

  3. Titans says:

    Are you planning to do Donten ni Warau please? There is only Horrible (Funimation)…

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. non says:

    yeses thank you!
    btw haikyuu isn’t listed on your showtimes page, what happened to it

  6. Farmtrain says:

    Chaika on Thursday?

    Waiting, yes, Chaika!

  7. Farmtrain says:

    Btw, and what about WataMote OVA?

    I’m told to ask skiddisk…

  8. Farmtrain says:

    Well, I probably just got trolled on DDY site…

  9. Asianteh says:

    Hdr n1 typesetter + no signs Chaika?

    Seems strange.

  10. xArchangel says:

    What shows are you guys going to be subbing this season? Will there be a post stating which ones you’re going to do?

  11. Elvis says:

    Hello guys, I’m running the video on MPC-HC with the latest codec pack and it started just fine then at 3″35 i get a message box “Unexpected error: MPC-HC crashed”. It work fine on VLC but i prefer MPC. I never got this kind of problem on any other release from you, so i’m wandering if you could help me to figure this out. Thank you.

    • herkz says:

      are you using just mpc with nothing else or are you actually using cccp?

      • Elvis says:

        i’m usin it with the last k-lite codec pack and it looks like when the subtittle effect on the openning anime logo come out, MPC is crashing somehow and i dunno why.

  12. Elvis says:

    I figured out what the problem was. I got to the Options then “Playback” and uncheck “use the built-in sutitle renderer” , it fixes my problem thanks for hearing me.^^

  13. Asianteh says:

    I don’t want to bug you, but… Chaika will be streamed shortly.

    Can I expect fast release?

    And btw – official lyrics are available?
    I saw the songs on yt.

  14. Asianteh says:

    Omg, omg… opening and ending = pure epicness.

    Logo seems to be a bit challenging, but… HDR, I’m watching you!


  15. king says:

    Hey thnx for the release was wondering can u do fairy tail cause i would love it with ur quality and speed hatsu is hell slow ?