Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road 16


herkz: Shit is getting real.

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  1. Goku1085 says:

    Another epic release for an epic episode!! ^_^ Thanks herkz!! ^_^ Also, got an update for you!! :)

    DarkDream and I have agreed on buying the Yowapeda BD movie from Amazon, but there is only one problem though. He will be uploading the ISO on ADC and we were wondering if you have access there to download the movie from there so the whole thing won’t be in vain!! Do you or anyone you know have an account there?? If not I have a friend of mine who could help on that too, but I still need your answer!!

    Also, on your season 1 batch besides the finalized revised episodes and NCOP/NCED will you also be including the Pre-Live Event you did some time ago??

  2. Goku1085 says:

    Sweet!! ^_^ So we will continue with our purchase and let you know when will the ISO be available there for you to download it!! ^_^

  3. mjpeck says:

    Why do you guys translate to “Souhoku” when the uniforms say “Sohoku”? Been curious for a while about that.

    • herkz says:

      Same reason we write it as “Hakone Academy” instead of “HakoGaku.” Because Japan is not the authority on how to write things in English.