Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road 22


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6 Responses to “Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road 22”

  1. CRAZH247 says:

    Doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with his bike. He’s climbing a hill in a high gear. Therefore high cadence and lesser effort needed.

    Why am I here commenting on this? I DON’T EVEN WATCH THIS ANIME!

  2. bbo says:

    You’re not supposed to put the saddle up your bunghole.

    • CRAZH247 says:

      It’s not up his bunghole…

      it’s the correct height and he’s probably moved forward on the saddle to improve his placement which can help push his weight forward and help with the pedals even if it is a high gear and low speed.

      I think the only thing would be that it looks like it’s tilted a little bit front up.

  3. Vuyt says:

    All that sweat has affected Manami’s chain… But Hime power will set Onoda free…

  4. mjpeck says:

    I never get tired of scenes playing Wakiagaru Kimochi in the background.