Yowamushi Pedal The Movie


although this movie is technically non-canon, it’s set at the beginning of season 3, so you should probably watch it after the first half of that. or just after all of season 3, which is probably where most of you are now. whatever.

anyway, season 4 starts in a few days. get hyped!

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24 Responses to “Yowamushi Pedal The Movie”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for doing this, herkz.

  2. Ketsura says:

    Im only hyped for the day you will release Monogatari :(

  3. Anstaf says:

    and can you guys ressed sukitte Ii na yo. ova

  4. Blub says:

    Did someone forget to upload sangatsu or is it just delayed? I assume it’s the latter but I figure it couldn’t hurt to ask in the unlikely event that it someone just forgot about it.

    Whatever the case I’ll wait patiently for your release, I love being able to watch something with friends and family who are not big anime fans without having to pause constantly to explain some word or joke that was left untranslated which sadly isn’t possible with a lot of official subs nowadays so I really appreciate the work Commie does in creating subtitles that are accessible to more people than just die-hard anime fans.

  5. colosson says:

    Sorry for asking, but when the latest episode of 3-gatsu will be out? Thanks.

  6. xikarra says:

    My client (Deluge) isn’t downloading your stuff for some reason today (worked fine yesterday). Am I doing something wrong? Trying to dl the two DnA batches btw.

  7. Goku1085 says:

    @herkz Happy New Year to you and your loved ones herkz! And boy how well it started off! ^^ I can’t possibly thank you enough for this magnificent release! Always loving to see more of your Yowapeda releases! So thank you very much again for this herkz!

    I do have one huge request if possible please. Arian and I are trying to collect and archive the untouched JPN BDMVs of:

    • Grande Road
    • New Generation
    • Re:RIDE
    • Re:ROAD

    If you do have those, could you please share them with us? You would save us a huge amount of trouble and money and I’ll owe you one! Please think about it. If you don’t have them yet, do you have a way on getting them in the future?

    • herkz says:

      i have grande road and probably new generation too. will upload them after i sub them.

      don’t have the recap movies.

      • Goku1085 says:

        Really?!? :O That’s so amazing! Will you upload the BDMVs of Grande Road and New Generation for us or as a public release on nyaa? Cause let me tell you this. You’re saving us right now cause we’d like to try encoding them too. In exchange when we do get the untouched BDMVs of the two recap films we’ll share them with you. Deal?

        • herkz says:

          no, i only plan on uploading them to private trackers. though i assume if you got the BD for the movie, you can get the other BDs i’ll upload too.

          • Goku1085 says:

            Sweet! Golden decision imo! Some final questions and I’m done:

            1) Can you let Arian and I know which will your private tracker be when you upload the BDMVs there so we can grab them?
            2) Vol. 9 of New Generation was released on December 15. So I’m assuming you plan to get this last volume too and batch upload all the untouched BDMV Volumes of Grande Road and New Generation on your private tracker for us? If that will be the case, then we can start our investments for the recap movies.
            3) Do you own or have the Discotek Media US DVDs/BDs of Yowapeda? If so, do you know if the Discotek subs are identical to the CR subs? When I say identical, I literally mean exactly the same (honorifics, translation, names, OP/ED romanji etc.) If not, which would you recommend as being more accurate?

            • herkz says:

              1) asiandvdclub and u2
              2) well, a friend’s buying it, but i’m pretty sure he already has all of new generation and just hasn’t uploaded it for me yet.
              3) no, but i imagine the subs are the same except the songs are translated.

              • Goku1085 says:

                You pretty much covered me entirely on this! Thanks! One more thing. Will you notify us when you upload the BDs of S2 and S3 on ADC or should we check periodically there?

                • herkz says:

                  it’ll probably be like a day or two after whenever i make a batch for our subbed releases

                  • Goku1085 says:

                    Sweet! I’ll be looking forrward for this then! Thank you so much for sharing your time again and please keep on releasing those amazing Yowapeda Projects for us! Also, if you do happen to know anyone who has the US Discotek Media DVDs of the first two seasons and can upload them too, will you please let us know as we’re desperately searching for those too?

  8. Lance says:

    Should I wait for your season 4 subs?