Yuru Yuri 8, Horizon 20

YY 8

Horizon 20

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12 Responses to “Yuru Yuri 8, Horizon 20”

  1. Flan says:

    I get to watch these a day earlier than usual \o/

  2. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks so much for the episode… AND FOR delivering it faster!

    Have a great night!

  3. WOOOOO says:


    that neito nail scene was both GLORIOUS and HNNNNNNNNNNG to death

  4. IEGeth says:

    Horizon @ 15:43 I see what you did there…

  5. Recently says:

    It just says “tension. hmm 5 seconds” -doesn’t really make sense to me aside from the fact that since she dropped the bomb of refusal shes anxious or something?

    The 3rd line on that same screen should be “Walter wrote something !!!” (which is strange since you correctly translated this line earlier in the episode, but then put in the gibberish line later on)

  6. bbo says:


  7. lightningkzkg says:

    thanks for the release

    anyway there’s a small glitch/typo in the first few seconds of horizon, it should be May 29 not May 19