Zombie 10


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20 Responses to “Zombie 10”

  1. erejnion says:

    this the last ep?

  2. Xaden says:

    Final episode! =(

  3. HxM says:

    Wow! This sure was released earlier than I expected.

    Thank you so much for the release, Commie!

  4. Kyouka says:

    Thank you Team Commie

  5. Spkilla says:

    Is this the last episode besides the future 11(OVA)?

  6. hi_commie says:

    typo at ~22.56, one to many L’s

  7. macxxx007 says:

    argh… what a weird number… well, anyway… I’d like to thank Commie for their great work and dedication in relation to this series… I REALLY ENJOYED YOUR SUBS!


  8. Lawrence says:

    10 episodes is just too short. Well I hope there will be another sequel. Btw, thanks for your hard work guys. I really appreciate it.

  9. Harimau says:

    The fuck? Last episode?

    So you’re going to do episode 00 and 11 right? Unless you’ve already done 00 and I missed it…

  10. dafuq_men says:

    can you make a V2 on this last Ep? I notice some couple of errors in the beginning and last part. Thanks!

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Maybe you should give some specific examples.

      >”Some couple of errors”

      Helpfulness level: 0%

      • dafuq_men says:

        i guess on the part 3:26 Haruna says ‘meet to pleased you’ isnt it pleased to meet you? and also at the last part 22:57 ‘I’lll’ :/

        • lk says:

          Haruna says shikuyoro instead of yoroshiku, so this is probably intended

          I’lll is probably a typo but can easily be covered up with “lol shes drunk”

          • Xythar says:

            Yes, the first one was intentional.

            Second will be fixed for batch whenever I get around to it.

  11. moca says:

    What are your plans for episode 11? (aka the ova)?