Zombie 5


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  1. Jason says:

    Thanks for the release!

  2. random passing fag says:

    *slow clap*

    congrats for beating hadena’s release time for this round.

  3. macxxx007 says:



    and with that, I say “Thank you and have a good night!”

  4. CODE-A says:

    what kind of sorcery is this? does the dark lord know bout this??

  5. ­ says:

    1/10 for effort on those editions

  6. ­ says:

    1/10 for effort on those editions

  7. assc1own says:

    Thanks. Will you guys be doing episode 0 ova?

  8. derp says:

    Are you going to do that 00 extra episode of Zombie as well?

  9. Ryoshi says:

    What about that episode 00/OVA 2 Gaydena just released? Is it really that or just trolling? And if it is, are you gonna do it?

  10. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  11. demasa says:

    Thanks a lot guys. Indeed I don’t understand how you beat Hadena. I mean, Guesslation should not take that long, right?

  12. muxmeister says:

    ( ´Д`)=3 フゥ( ´Д`)=3 フゥ
    ( ´Д`)=3 フゥ( ´Д`)=3 フゥ
    ( ´Д`)=3 フゥ( ´Д`)=3 フゥ
    ( ´Д`)=3 フゥ( ´Д`)=3 フゥ

  13. MisterYada says:

    They probably beat Hadena because Hadena was working on the OVA. Hoping to see that from here, though.

  14. Onetime says:

    Can someone on the team tell me why your subs for the op is weird? you translate simpuru to sin/sinful and a part you just put as rock n oroll when the singer is saying something else? While the subs are decent besides the songs but the part when they are chanting magic you just put gibberish why not just put proper subtitles?

    • Xythar says:

      Dunno, ask the guy who translates them. He doesn’t just go word-for-word because that usually gives you lyrics that make no sense.

      And the chants aren’t gibberish except the one I screwed up in ep1. Look at them more carefully.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      >but the part when they are chanting magic you just put gibberish why not just put proper subtitles?

      Protip: read it backwards. It’s a translation of the Japanese chant which itself is spoken backwards.

      • Onetime says:

        lol sorry my bad, looked at the subs again, yea the chants are in english backwards. Im sorry it’s because im used to the first season some other fansub group did and they left it in its original words. And in ep1 the first chant was in original words so when i saw the next chant and it wasnt what Ayumu was saying(in Japanese) i thought you guys just put gibberish xD. Thank you for telling me it was english backwards, it was kinda driving me crazy hehe.

  15. Kyouka says:

    Sorry for asking but are you gais doing the ova