Zombie 4 Fishing 3

Kore wa a zombie desuka of the dead 4

Tsuritama 3

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  1. Danuchiha99 says:

    What’s the status on Sakamichi no Apollon?

  2. Humm says:

    Tsuritama 3*

  3. LoLeeCon says:

    episode number of Tsuritama is wrong on this post. It should be Tsuritama 3. Also, thank you Commie for these releases

  4. Vst says:


  5. Kamui says:

    Tsuritama 3 not 4 :P

  6. Dusty says:

    Seishun fishing!!! <3 for Commie! XD

  7. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks so much for episodes! THIS WEEKEND SHALL ROCK!


  8. Alex says:

    Thanks :D

  9. Decamper says:

    Fishing is all well and good, but I prefer pirating…

  10. burazekun says:

    I am happy for the Full Metal Panic reference in this episode. lol

  11. NoName says:

    >Sera blushing and being tsundere about her cooking for Ayumu

    She needs to realize her love for him. He is the only entity that can withstand her cooking and not die.

  12. mugen ni says:

    This comment is directed at Xythar re: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=308587 but can apply to anyone who wants to debate over useless anime opinions. I needed time to prepare my response since you are an English Major and I was afraid you wouldn’t go back to that topic to look for a response.

    You’ve said on multiple occasions you use gg’s translator which is fine. I feel anime needs to remain as Japanese as possible. I hate dubbed anime since anime should only be broadcasted in Japanese and scripts should use the Japanese jokes, not ones translated to American jokes (old Working Designs games come to mind). Honorifics and name order should be used since you know about Japan’s social heirarchy better than anyone and alot of anime’s use honorifics in story lines like Nisemonogatari which you failed miserably at even using gg’s translator on that one. I’m sure she had the honorifics and proper name order in there since gg uses them. You even have WhyNot following your lead now as they have since dropped honorifics as well as karaoke fx.

    I feel Japan is the greatest country on this planet and the most evolved race on the planet (this coming from someone who believes whites are the master race since
    America and Europe wouldn’t exist w/o white ppl and we will be the cause of our own downfall) since Japan honors loyalty and respect above all else whereas America breeds greed and corruption and a country cannot be sustained on those methods which is why I want to jump ship as soon as possible because I don’t want to be here when America crumbles. I got Rosetta Stone Japanese v3.0 3 years ago and slowly but surely teaching myself the basics. I haven’t touched moonrunes yet. I figure romaji should be enough to get me by which leads me to this question: do tv’s in Japan have romaji subtitles or only kanji/katakana subs available?

    You as a group constantly attack every group out there except the ‘Godfather’ groups like Hatsuyuki/Tsuki and Doki (at least from what I have seen. Let me know if you don’t like either of them too). I don’t even like Hadena and didn’t even d/l their KZD since I will wait for either Doki or Hatsuyuki depending who is first but
    Hatsuyuki will be the one I archive. But the constant attacking of Hadena by the community which as of late really isn’t warranted anymore bothered me since we as a community are a minority outside Japan and all need to unite, not divide. I have been proud over the past month or so as more and more ppl have spoken up for Hadena
    rather than everyone bashing them. Why the sudden change? Hadena got better. Part of my post was really for anyone who didn’t know if Hadena had gotten better, but with 12,500+ d/ls and 10 fans (you already have more of both, of course), means something is happening. I know Hadena overstepped their bounds and were acting arrogant when they wrongfully accused you of stealing KZD1. I can’t support nor defend that idiotic decision and I died a little inside when it was the leaders of Hadena making the accusations and not the community. But this is what happens when behemoths of a niche sector collide over prestige. What are you after to make you think you need to be #1 over this community? Isn’t the point of this niche market making anime available to everyone for free and peace and love and all that jazz? Not to enlarge your already large enough e-penis?

    But the reason for the subtle rumblings against you and your precious d/l count? American-izing the script and killing the Japanese-ness. I understand Communism and that it’s your way or the highway, but maybe a vote for honorifics/name order? Or at least an acceptable answer for killing the Japanese-ness when you try to come across as the most Otaku group out there? It seems you’ve had plenty of debates w/ users over this issue and maybe it’s warranted to evaluate the issue. I understand jdp’s stupid autistic rant at karaoke fx and understand not wanting to do that, but honorifics/name order isn’t that big of a deal or is jdp autistic about that too?

    You don’t defend against all accusations, just those that concern the fact that if you have a translator or not on staff. Like I said, on multiple occasions you mentioned gg’s translator who will be doing Lupin for you. You said only 4 of the 10 or so shows you’re doing this spring are fan translations and not corporate subs so I assume Uchuu Kyoudai (the only release of yours I download this spring season) is CR-modified then? Are you the one doing the sole translation of KZD or is a script handed to you and you ‘spruce’ it up? If you’re doing the translation yourself, then good job.

    The other part of my post really stemmed from something you probably will agree w/ me on since you read comments on nyaa and remember names, is Lelouchxcxc whatever and his constant useless comments in a variety of torrents, from raws to hadena’s torrents to your torrents. I apologize for the way I accused you of script stealing simulcasts as I was angered by Lelouch for the umpteenth time that I lashed out in that post. That’s why I added the Hatsuyuki bit at the end to show I’m a Hatsuyuki lover and not a Hadena lover. To let ppl know that were too impatient to wait for the most polished version that Hadena was a good alternative to avoid waiting a few days for polished work vs. speed subs.

    I try not to post alot on nyaa since I knew if I posted enough comments on nyaa, someone would have read them and remembered my name good or bad and when you used a comment I made from 2+ months ago, it made me feel good inside and honored to have been known by someone of your stature. So thank you for that regardless of our difference’s to each other as I do have the utmost respect for you and what you do as you are a very vital part of the community even if I don’t support your releases.

    From what I have written, you have probably gathered why I called Tsuki’s Ozma script ‘fan-translation’ even though I knew it came from CR, because Tsuki was the only release that used honorifics and name order so that to me made it ‘fan-translation’. BTW, Ozma was crap but again I prefer it to be as Japanese as possible so I forced myself thru all 6 episodes as I’m sure you did too. But if not for Tsuki, I wouldn’t have watched it.

    I know it’s a tl;dr but this is my reasoning behind every comment I make on nyaa and bakabt and other fansub group forums like yours and I know you’re all autistic enough to read the whole thing to stroke your ego even more and feel free to flame as needed especially you jdp. And if I am mis-informed on something, please let me know so I can change my opinion.

    No offense, but your group is the poster child for ‘stop liking what I don’t like’.

  13. infinitywulf says:

    You know I think I would actually buy that weird-ass model just for the what the hell factor.

  14. Kyouka says:

    Are you guys going the ova of zombie?

  15. Nyyy says:

    Are you absolutely certain the Zombie OP says helping others is “sinful”, not “simple”?