3-gatsu no Lion 2 BD Batch


season 3 when ;_;

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  1. WhoFramedRogerRabbit says:

    Thank you :)

  2. Blank says:

    so no kizu or owari this year huh. btw I’m hoping that you’ll do the rest of the haikyuu’s BD

  3. Puffpuff says:

    Hey, thanks a lot! But I think, you have to recode bd-episodes 40-44. They have massive artifacts. Please check yourself. https://imgur.com/a/XlCfTnk

    • Puffpuff says:

      Player: MPC from “latest” CCCP fails to play episode 40-44, 39 works. VLC plays all them. Handbrake throws a lot of errors while transcoding:
      [h264 @ 000000002d6538c0] top block unavailable for requested intra mode
      [h264 @ 000000002d6538c0] error while decoding MB 48 0, bytestream 35340
      [15:54:20] sync: first pts subtitle 0x2 is 905400
      [15:54:20] [ass] fontselect: (Fontin Sans Rg, 700, 0) -> FontinSans-Bold, 0, FontinSans-Bold
      [h264 @ 000000002d6538c0] Reference 31 >= 15
      [h264 @ 000000002d6538c0] error while decoding MB 23 24, bytestream 13151
      [h264 @ 000000002d6538c0] Reference 4 >= 3
      [h264 @ 000000002d6538c0] error while decoding MB 42 26, bytestream 14920
      [h264 @ 000000002d653020] Reference 4 >= 2
      [h264 @ 000000002d653020] error while decoding MB 46 31, bytestream 7160
      [h264 @ 000000002d653460] Reference 8 >= 8
      [h264 @ 000000002d653460] error while decoding MB 37 23, bytestream 13099
      [h264 @ 000000002d653020] Reference 2 >= 2
      [h264 @ 000000002d6538c0] cabac decode of qscale diff failed at 77 26
      [h264 @ 000000002d6538c0] error while decoding MB 77 26, bytestream 18095
      [h264 @ 000000002d653460] Reference 2 >= 2
      [h264 @ 000000002d653460] error while decoding MB 48 34, bytestream 9871
      [h264 @ 000000002d654160] Reference 2 >= 2
      [h264 @ 000000002d654160] error while decoding MB 32 34, bytestream 9095
      [h264 @ 000000002d653020] cabac decode of qscale diff failed at 18 39

      Did you change yout encoding setup from episode 39 to 40?

      • herkz says:

        CCCP is a bit out of date, obviously. use this MPC. as for handbrake, i’m glad it breaks.

        • Dusty says:

          aaah… thank god. When I started ep 40 I thought cccp finally broke =_=;;; ofc its super old but since some of ur newer releases (including Take Your Marks) still worked on cccp, but not those 5 3-gatsu eps, I thought I was totally SOL.

          herkz, thanks for the update link! And for all your releases!! Looking forward to the Haikyuu BDs whenever you get around to them! (Though you really missed the boat with Run with the Wind… assuming ur not watching it. Good stuff, seriously.)

          For the benefit of other leechers who may be searching the comments for the same problem: The updated MPC herkz linked doesn’t install the way cccp did, more like a portable exe that runs independently of the mpc that came with cccp. So you can have the new MPC on ur pc without uninstalling cccp. The 64bit zip file (v1.8.4) expands to only 50MB so its not a big deal to keep both players just in case.

    • herkz says:

      do you really think i uploaded the episodes without watching them myself first? obviously the problem is on your end.

      • Puffpuff says:

        Of course I don’t think so and I don’t expect that you watch your encodes with all available video players. But you could think a little bit about backward compatibility. It’s not ideal to change the encoding settings within a show (in fact, the x264 encoder version and at least two parameters in the encoding settings have changed). I didn’t have any issues so far with the old CCCP, so I had no reason to change a running system.
        Thanks for pointing to the continued mpc-hc project. Handbrake has an update, too (need it to be able to watch subtitled files on my older Samsung TV using DLNA).

        • herkz says:

          considering how many of my projects can span months or even years, it’s not really feasible unless i keep around a ton of different versions of x264 for no reason. also, i didn’t change any of the encoding settings. the only thing is x264 and ffmpeg gained support for a feature that was previously unsupported.

          and i really couldn’t care less about backwards comparability. no setup that can handle what i used before couldn’t handle this now just by updating software. it’s not like you need to spend money or anything. things have supported the new x264 feature for over a year and a half now. there’s no point to keep not using it when it saves filesize.

  4. Shiro says:

    I can’t find subtitles of 3-gatsu no lion S2, can you help me please?!

  5. Jacob says:

    What’s wrong with episodes 40-44? Yes I have MPC but i need it to play on VLC. I can’t even re-encode it or play it on there.
    can you apply some kind of fix so it’ll work on everything else except just MPC.