Ao Haru Ride BD Volume 6 END


Batch in a day or two.

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12 Responses to “Ao Haru Ride BD Volume 6 END”

  1. saturnoy says:

    Ah, thx again !

  2. YoshiChao says:

    Beating a dead horse here, but are you guys still planning on releasing the Symphogear G blurays, or is that a dead project now?

    Hopefully you’ll be able to get them done before S3 if you do plan on releasing them…

  3. CrazyRo says:

    Will they make the OVA/episode13 that will leave? ^^’

  4. Cezar says:

    Beating a dead horse here trying to get this post through despite knowing otherwise.

    Is Chihayafuru S2 dead or will it be done when it’s done ?

  5. bray says:

    “chihayafuru will be done, when it’s done – Herkz”

    good enough for me