AURA ~Maryuuin Kouga’s Last Battle~ – PV

PV included on the first Jintai BD. Based on a novel written by the same author as Jintai (Tanaka Romeo) and the animation is also done by the same team that worked on Jintai. Movie should be out in 2013 sometime.

Also, the PV covers the first few pages of the novel and is not like the rest. Sweet troll?

Summary of AURA by esteemed author Moogy:

AURA is about Satou Ichirou, a kid entering high school who decides to use this as an opportunity to leave behind his embarrassing past as someone afflicted with the dreaded chuunibyou. Everything is going well until he encounters Satou Ryouko in the school building one night. Ryouko wears a blue robe, carries around a metal staff, and claims to have been dispatched from another world in order to find something she calls the “Dragon Terminal” – in other words, she’s everything Ichirou would like to forget about. Ichirou ends up being forced to aid her in this “search” and the story picks up from there. The stuff in the PV is the setting Ichirou came up with while he was in middle school. Maryuuin Kouga was his self-insert basically.

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15 Responses to “AURA PV”

  1. Recently says:

    Couldn’t really tell what this movie is about from that PV haha.

  2. biribiri says:

    Is this a ripoff of CHuunibyou Kyoani anime?

  3. Nyuu says:

    Does sound a fucking lot like the KyoAni anime, but if it’s by Jinrui’s author, my hopes are definitely higher for this one.

  4. Shawn263241 says:

    Without y’all’s description I’d have no idea what this is about, lol.

  5. Xoleum says:

    can’t really tell what the movie is about.

    but lol, i expected a 1 min video in 360p with that filesize.

  6. Alexeon says:

    So am I the only one who thought of Nigel Thornberry when that guy in armor showed up at the beginning?