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  1. 花ファゲトー says:

    sorry we’re busy making fun of the wii u

  2. 花ファゲトー says:

    sorry we’re busy making fun of the wii u

  3. Anon says:


  4. Afaggot says:

    I love you guys.

  5. Nice says:

    Fuck yes. FUCK YES. Thanks a lot guys, great surprise.

  6. God_is_7 says:

    Haha,I finished subbing Berserk faster than you guys :P

    • herkz says:

      Oh yeah?

      • God_is_7 says:

        As a matter of fact, yeshu! ^__^

        Still, it’s my first translation project, and I did it on my own – I wanna check out your stuff to compare notes and see how mine matches up in terms of quality.

        • herkz says:

          I don’t think you can consider it a finished project until it’s released.

          • God_is_7 says:

            That is an inaccurate description of the word “finished” since finish does not imply “releasing”. In the gaming world these words are often spoken “When the project is finished we will release it” meaning they have finished it before releasing it.

            Many unknown script writers never see the light of day even though they have many finished works. As such me as an unknown subber with my first project finished, am still unknown to the public and might never be able share my work with others. I have however shared this fansub to my friends who did appreciate the work I put in.

            Conclusion: Finish ≠ Release

            • johnny_dickpants says:

              This is fansubbing, not the vidya. It’s not done until it’s out for the masses.

              • God_is_7 says:

                Still it’s the masses who chooses, so whether or not mine was released first it will not be known to the public since I lack the backing and the means. Mine was in fact released before yours even if know one noticed it ^__^

                And that is, yet again, using your definition ^__^

                • johnny_dickpants says:

                  You want a cookie or something? We don’t care if you think you were first or not.

                  • God_is_7 says:

                    Did I ask for a cookie? You started being hostile against me for no reason. I just made a fun friendly comment and 3 of you guys feel the instant need to “protect” yourselves and show superiority, which actually shows more inferiority than anything since I’m like you said more or less, not important.

                    But on the other hand, if you don’t care, how come you have such a strong tendency to defend yourselves? Usually one only protect oneself if they feel a need because they are emotionally invested.

                    There are other types of psychological profiles you could have utilized. Such as Inviting, friendly acceptance, friendly ignorance, indifference or a number of other tactics. Still as a group you choose defensive and aggressive

                    • johnny_dickpants says:

                      Why are you writing such long posts about nothing? You call this hostile? There’s no defensiveness going on here. You’re asserting claims about a process you are unfamiliar with and ascribing your own definitions in place of accepted ones. You’ve also offered no proof towards any of your claims.

                      Stop trying to be an armchair psychologist, for all our sakes.

                    • lom says:

                      Sadly, you should go talk to some other fansub group. This is probably the most hostile group of fans you’ll see. In their eyes, you’re “threatening” them.

                    • johnny_dickpants says:

                      lolno. we enjoy a good argument ’round here.

                    • Petrushka says:

                      i don’t know wtfiswrongwithyou, trying to show off here…

                      no one fuckin’ care about whatsoever u did here

                      moreover, it just makes u look like an idiot, really

                    • FRP says:

                      Please would you talk about your “fansubbing” releases on your own goddamn website instead of on someone else’s. I imagine it wasn’t your original intent to aggravate anyone, but on this website, in this comment section, on this thread, you are the troll here, no one else. Whether you want that moniker or not. No one here is likely to download your release, were that even a possibility. Summarily, no one here is likely to be interested in hearing about it, least of all the fansubbers who deal with the same levels of high traffic that make their hobby into an actual job with deadlines, complaints/pr, and an industry that does not really like them.

                      Also if you don’t even put the kind of time, effort and money into distroing it, then don’t compare it to sub releases that people pay hundreds of dollars a month from donations and their own personal money just to get it out to the public. Distribution is one of the most vital steps to this process, whether you want to consider it part of a release or not. You should ask the owner of the Ginpachi-sensei bot how much he must dump into that thing. Then tell him his thankless job is unnecessary to a release. I’m sure that will go down well.

            • herkz says:

              In that case, we were done a while ago.

        • Xythar says:

          The translation on this was finished some time last week but it also had to be edited, timed, encoded and so on.

        • brainchild says:

          How do you know you finished before we did?

          • God_is_7 says:

            Like hertz said “A project is finished when it is released”. I did not use that definition, but has accepted it since it works in my favour ^__^

            • johnny_dickpants says:

              No, it doesn’t. “Released” means “on TT” in modern times. Everyone and their mother puts their stuff on TT.

              • God_is_7 says:

                TT? Sorry for not being down with slang and shorts of the new age. I prefer usage of proper language. The only TT I know of is a beer brand. Oh, and a skeeing contest.

                And to be clear, I simply used a definition provided by one of (whom I believe to be) your friends or working pals. So if you have any objections to the definition itself and you want to start a discussion over semantics, take it up with Hertz.

                • johnny_dickpants says:

                  protip: http://tokyotosho.info/

                • herkz says:

                  In the case of either definition used we “finished” before you.

                  Are you autistic or something?

                  • God_is_7 says:

                    “Stop trying to be an armchair psychologist, for all our sakes.”

                    This is hostile

                    “Are you autistic or something?”

                    Passive aggressive

                    “The translation on this was finished some time last week but it also had to be edited, timed, encoded and so on.”


                    You want a cookie or something?


                    I don’t think you can consider it a finished project until it’s released.

                    Evasive semantics

                    Need I go on?

                    • johnny_dickpants says:

                      >this is hostile

                      by what standard? armchair psychologists are annoying and it adds nothing to the discussion

                      >passive aggressive



                      what, telling the truth is defensive now? there’s a distinct process of how shit gets done bro.



                      >evasive semantics

                      the truth is evasive?

                    • Xythar says:


                      This is super kawaii

      • someone says:

        i’ll go get some popcorn

    • Suzume! says:

      xD troll pawa damn that was good !

    • Tubby says:

      I finished a cure for aids, it’s just not released yet.

  7. Templar says:

    Thanks! A Lot!

  8. ­some derps says:

    33:02 – ‘I’m do think about my comrades’
    35:07 – Encoding derp
    44:07 – ‘Griffith, are okay?’

    • herkz says:

      jdp #1 qc

    • Dingus says:

      I guess this shows why first usually isn’t the best when it comes to fansubbed anime.

      • herkz says:

        Yeah, a .25% error rate is awful.

      • Xythar says:

        Feel free to wait for someone else to sub this if you can’t handle two trivial errors in a 700+ line script.

        • Kyhz says:

          I can’t deal with this.

        • God_is_7 says:

          The [Commie] subs really helped in some parts where I was at a loss. Sometimes it’s really difficult to hear what they say. Like just before Bazuuso is being attacked by Guts.

          And what is the word Guts actually uses when he says to the mercenary leader as he walks away? In english it’s like “I don’t like being tied down”… But what does he say in japanese? Cause he doesn’t use the word “shibaru” does he?

          And I did find it difficult to hear him offering himself as Griffith’s whore if he lost the battle. Took me some time ^__^

          This movie sure had some flavour to it’s language.

          What I didn’t like however was how you didn’t translate Griffith more word by word. I thought it was beautiful how he used the word “Dream” over and over to really emphasise like MLK “I have a dream” or something. ^__^

    • Kastagir says:

      Will there be a v2? Note to whoever proofs this stuff: “QC” means “quality check,” not “quick crap.”

      • johnny_dickpants says:

        A v2 for 2 lines? I don’t think so, Tim.

        Unless you can produce a lot more things that need fixing, it’s fine the way it is.

  9. ­some derps says:

    33:02 – ‘I’m do think about my comrades’
    35:07 – Encoding derp
    44:07 – ‘Griffith, are okay?’

  10. Suzume! says:

    DAmn commie what can i say…I LOVE U! no seriously do u have any female member? xD she will bear my babies! damn finally! oh yeah!

  11. bBo says:

    …i dont even…

    (read the manga)

    But thanks for the assload of work you put in!!

  12. David says:

    For the love of God, FINALLY. THANK YOU SO MUCH Commie Subs!

  13. Fish says:

    Thx so much, been waiting for this

  14. herp says:

    Finally now i can burn a few DVD’s and make some cash from your hard work.

  15. Caoimhin says:

    Is this movie continuation of the anime TV series? Do we need to watch the anime TV series to understand the movie?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      The three movies with names so far will basically cover the TV series albeit slightly changed in pace and such.

      You should probably read the manga as some stuff is streamlined in the movie.

  16. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  17. Suno says:

    Why is the file size so tiny if it’s a 1080 bluray file?

  18. Lanf says:

    Thanks for this, been meaning to seen it, rant how the old TV series was better in everyway and sulk in the corner.

  19. patapi says:

    This is the best!! Saiko ~~~ Thanks a ton for subbing this great anime. Hope to see the second episode of this series soon :D

  20. tholin says:

    THANKS a lot gyus!!! great release…

    I wanna ask is it possible to have a mp4 release?

  21. Cooper says:

    Thanks for the finished AND released movie.
    But Warner Bros? WTF?

  22. HxH says:

    This release seems riddled with bugs.
    The audio is way out of synch and the video keeps skipping.
    It’s definitely not a problem on my end, because all my other video’s work perfectly including the RAW.
    Nice try tho, the effort is appreciated and hopefully you guys will fix this.
    I’m however going to cease seeding until said problems are fixed.

  23. HxH says:

    And how do I go about doing that?
    As far as I’m aware everything is fully up to date. That also doesn’t explain why the RAW(and all my other video’s) work perfectly fine.
    I also just tested it on a second computer, its brand new and also supposedly up to date on everything and still having the same issues.
    My friend is currently converting and burning this to disc.
    I’ll keep you guys posted, but if this has the same problems on my DVD player, then no, its definitely not a problem on my end.
    Like I said before tho, the effort is greatly appreciated.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Seeing as you’re the only one complaining, the problem is on your end.

      inb4 you’re using VLC.

      Also, pretty sure “it’s 10bit” would have something to do with why your DVD player is shitting itself.

  24. Bloodsack says:

    Can you do the Berserk movie in 8 bit please. 10 bit doesn’t work on my Popcorn Hour C-200

  25. HxH says:

    OK, we fixed the sound sync issue!
    The video quality is kind of poor though when compared to the RAW :/
    We planned on playing your release at a college event, but we’ll just wait for a higher quality release. Or we might just make everyone sit through the RAW haha
    Thanks bunches anyways tho! Better luck next time!

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Sounds like a problem on your end. The 1080p looks great.

    • Xythar says:


      Install this before you post anything else. Please. I know you said your computer was “up to date” but the fact that you thought you’d be able to play this on your DVD player heavily suggests to me that you don’t know what 10bit is and you’re probably trying to play this through an old version of VLC or something.

      Install CCCP and use the provided player. Also stop capitalising “raw”, it’s not an acronym.

  26. anno says:

    Thanks for the release

    You guys/girls planning to do Dragon Age : Dawn of the Seeker ?

  27. HxH says:

    We actually DID play this on my DVD player and guess what? Just like with the raw, it worked. Its not hard to convert an .mkv file to do so.
    And no VLC, we were using media player classic. And none of anything of what you guys have said explains why the raw(also in 1080p) looks miles better than this sub in 1080p. We had people play with it in the a/v room, but its just lower quality than the raw. Not just me, not just my dorm mate, but everyone we’ve had try and fix the “problem”.
    If other people aren’t complaining, they didn’t watch the original raw leaked.
    Your groups release has pixels all through the movie.
    Its not huge deal, but its an obvious one. Especially when you compare the two side by side. Which we did. And av knows their shit.
    It doesn’t matter tho, one of the guys there was so stoked he’s just re-encoding the your groups subs onto the raw.
    So a higher quality release WITHOUT pixels is on the way!
    Don’t worry tho, I told him to give you guys credit for translating.
    Thanks for all the help any hard work anyways!

    • Xythar says:

      >convert an mkv file

      >pixels all through the movie

      >re-encoding subs onto the raw

      I don’t even

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      It’s clearly on your end, because I watched it and guess what? No pixels.

      • Xythar says:

        I’m sure the “pixels” came from how the guy apparently re-encoded it himself thinking he was “converting” the mkv file to play on his DVD player.

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          oh god why

          • Xythar says:

            Probably with something that didn’t support 10bit, too.

            Imagine taking the typical artifacts you get trying to play 10bit on VLC and hard-encoding them into the video. That’s what I’m envisioning here.

    • brainchild says:

      Yeah, we have 1920×1080 pixels all throughout.

    • herkz says:

      No, fairly sure ours looks better than the raw because it was filtered. The original has quite a lot of banding and aliasing.

      • Kinoko says:

        There’s no way it looks better than the 19 GB raw I downloaded, but it does look good.

        Is the moon in a weird phase, or did a lot of people here just not get enough sleep? Far too much complaining.

        • herkz says:

          Depends on what you consider looks good. I’m a fan of not having banding/aliasing over excessive, pointless bitrate.

          • Kinoko says:

            After doing some comparison, I’d say that in some spots yours is better, and in others the raw is better, but either way you can only tell by staring at stills with paranoia.

            Still, the fact that the quality is essentially the same while saving that much bandwidth is pretty impressive.

    • Tubby says:

      (quote)And av knows their shit.(/quote)
      Then get it to sub it and fuck off.

  28. p says:

    how about that maria

  29. Hameru says:

    NIGGAS, thanks, I enjoyed every single fucking second of the movie, really

  30. FRP says:

    So we finally have someone, fucking anyone, doing a release of the first Berserk movie which many of us have waited a long fucking time for, and what happens? It’s a thread filled with people whining, bitching and even competing with some fake release. Well, there’s some people here who seem grateful too I guess. So whatever.

    Look, all I care about is that it gets done. That’s good enough for me. There’ll be other groups that methodically pick over everything in the movie, and I might go download a different version to archive. But whatever. This works. It’s good, I had few issues with it, so you have my thanks.

    On the topic of the movie itself, I’m glad they got most of the important scenes into it, I would have been fine with a 2 hour one if they wanted to fit in Gutt’s childhood as well, but I see they went the artistic route with that, probably because they didn’t want to depict the rape too clearly, which is understandable. I hate that the transition from Studio Gaga & Miura’s art over to the movie CG is so clean. Miura uses so much light and shading it’s not even funny. It’s chiaroscuro. And that shit is beautiful. This CG is plain compare to that, almost like untextured models in 3DMAX / Maya. Whatever. There’s a movie, it’s subbed, it gets most everything. I’m down.

    Thanks guys.

    • Tellgraith says:

      What’s this, an intelligent comment!?! Well I’m glad someone’s not complaining, Frankly this will be all I see of it until they officially translate it for us, then I’ll pirate ,I mean buy, that. Until then, Cheers mate.

  31. loP says:

    Thanks a lot guys!

  32. Asukamaru says:

    Great job, u deliver.

  33. DarkangeliC says:

    Sry I’m newb here(just for the Berserk), I’m not rly into cutie cutie animes and google “Berserk movie sub” lead me here, but…
    Where is the subtitle?

  34. Oin says:

    Where I found JP subs?
    But not BD *.sup format…

  35. Briareos says:

    Yeah I’m having the same problem with some wierd distortion pixilation at 35:07 too. I use the coalgirls mpc madvr install guide

  36. Maya says:

    Downloaded the movie but there are no subs

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Problem on your end. Try updating playback/reinstall CCCP/reboot computer/etc