Free! The Final Stroke Batch

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Free! The Final Stroke Part Two END

1080p | 720p

Well, that took way longer than expected. Anyway, like with the first movie, there’s no video source that I know of which doesn’t have hardsubbed Japanese for the parts where they speak English. If one ever becomes available, I’ll probably release a v2.

Also, there will be a batch with both movies in a few days.

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Tsurune the Movie Hajimari no Issha

1080p | 720p

I forgot how much work subbing a movie is. Kinda drains the fun out of it even when the movie is good.

Anyway, this is a bit of a weird recap movie. It only covers episodes 9-13. There are some new scenes before the recap part starts and also spread out between the recap sections. If you want to know what specifically is repeated, then extract the subs since I marked all the lines. That said, the recap part does have some new/changed animation, different music, and even a few re-recorded lines. So I guess this movie is for people who’ve already seen season 1 and just really like the anime.

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Free! The Final Stroke Part One

1080p | 720p

The official subs for the second movie were supposed to come out at the same time as the first movie, but unfortunately that didn’t happen and there hasn’t been any update when they will, so there’s really no way to know when it’ll be. It could easily be months or even a year from now. Anyway, there is hardsubbed Japanese for the sections where characters speak English, but thankfully that doesn’t happen too often because there isn’t yet any video source without those hardsubs. If there ever is one, I’ll release a v2 most likely. Lastly, I decided to sub the theme song even though it’s entirely in English because it can be pretty hard to understand.

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Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Sustainable War


This is the recap movie. I don’t usually sub recap movies, but this one was rather easy to do. The video is just remuxed from Netflix since the quality is already pretty bad (and you can just watch the BDs for most of it anyway). The dub is included. There are also some changes to the subs because Netflix fixed a few TL errors, but they’re pretty minor.

If you only want to watch the new scenes, this is where they are:

1:45:30 to 1:46:08.
1:52:56 to the end.

Considering all the new scenes take place after the end of episode 12, you probably need to watch them before the second half of the show, especially since they don’t appear to be in episode 13, at least from my quick look through the episode.

Also, I’ll start working on the second cour starting tomorrow. Hopefully I can release at least one episode a day, maybe two.

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