Bodacious Space Pirates – 1

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Edit: Regarding the “da yo ne”-
That was a result of a trimming mistake. Usually what signifies the change from the commercial break to the actual show is a switching between 4:3 to 16:9. That did not happen there. This being a new show, we had no idea if that guy was actually part of the show or not, and beginning an episode with a flashback to some guy’s face has been done before.

Yes, it is known now that he was a character in Penguin Drum, and that cut was part of a commercial. It doesn’t help when trimming at a 64×36 resolution with no audio though.

TL;DR Japan should quit using commercials to make it easier for us. Apologies if you thought we were actually trolling. Now why would we do that? We don’t troll. Not deliberately, in any case.


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