Bodacious Space Pirates – 1

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Edit: Regarding the “da yo ne”-
That was a result of a trimming mistake. Usually what signifies the change from the commercial break to the actual show is a switching between 4:3 to 16:9. That did not happen there. This being a new show, we had no idea if that guy was actually part of the show or not, and beginning an episode with a flashback to some guy’s face has been done before.

Yes, it is known now that he was a character in Penguin Drum, and that cut was part of a commercial. It doesn’t help when trimming at a 64×36 resolution with no audio though.

TL;DR Japan should quit using commercials to make it easier for us. Apologies if you thought we were actually trolling. Now why would we do that? We don’t troll. Not deliberately, in any case.


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56 Responses to “Bodacious Space Pirates – 1”

  1. Daniel says:


  2. Qrius says:

    Awww, come on- is ‘bodacious’ an actual word? …I know it is, all right, but for a non-native English speaker like me it seems really intimidating… Even Wiktionary isn’t of much help…

  3. Anon says:

    tvk? Really? Superior quarity MX airs it just 30 minutes after tvk.

  4. erejnion says:

    So far so good. Now I only need a Nise version with good video and good typeset, and a ZnT sub.

    No, really, what are the plans about ZnT?

  5. A man says:

    Yeah, where’s Nisemonogatari?

  6. laovniux says:

    Go go go moretsu vs mouretsu! Cruncyroll says Moretsu! I don’t have the slightest idea whats different but I had trouble when anidb turned up nothing :V

    • Xyphite says:

      During the opening title screen it says, モ一レツ. or Mo – o – re – tsu.

      because of the double o, the second one turns into a u, so Commie has it right being Mouretsu.

    • Arnavion says:

      Reducing long vowel sounds (oo/ou/uu/ei) to a short o sound is fairly common in romanized Japanese. Even Commie does it all the time – Gasai Yu(u)no, Aoi To(o)ri.

      • Break says:

        theres no definite rule for this, so different people and translators use either just one vocal o, or make it ou, or make it oh. ou even see this with official stuff a lot: for example on the german version of the hellsing manga, it says “kohta hirano” while the ultimate DVD’s who were published by another brand say “kouta hirano” on them. just for example, hat thats pretty common.

  7. macxxx007 says:

    People are so impatient… THANKS FOR THE EPISODE!


  8. mascthemoney says:

    please tell me mouretsu means “butt” in english.

  9. Conan_Edogawa says:

    Random question, but why did you leave the word “space” out of the title for the file?

  10. Daiz says:

    Now, I’m a fansub God, you imbecile mongrels!

  11. Zash says:

    Mouretsu / Moretsu have many meanings like from it’s adaptation which is Miniskirt. It may also mean Rage or Vehement.

  12. Zash says:

    To clear out everyone’s question about the title…

    Miniskirt Pirates

    Mouretsu Pirates

    Mouretsu Uchuu Kaizoku Miniskirt Pirates
    Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku

    Bodacious Space Pirates

  13. mascthemoney says:

    best show this season.

  14. Auro says:

    So…is Sanetoshi actually a part of the OP for this show or did someone just decide to throw an electrifying pink-haired doctor ghost in for fun?

    • Kirby_422 says:

      Dat Sanetoshi.

      They needed more of him in penguindrum… he should of had more development into why he was evil, rather than the rabbits spending 10 seconds explaining it the second last episode, that he was unneeded so he was taking revenge.. srs, he was that powerful, and he just wanted to destroy because he was lonely?

      And I’m assuming they added it to express their opinion on this show, with how it was just sanetoshi saying “inorite?”

    • herkz says:

      it was part of the TS

      it didnt get trimmed out because it made the show actually worth watching

  15. Beckett says:

    I like the cut of this show’s jib so far.

    That’s a yacht joke. Jib.

  16. RakkaKaze says:

    Anyone else notice the pirate ship looks like… Outlaw Stars?

  17. oBb says:

    Oh boy, I was pondering if this show is any good.
    After actually seeing it, I have just one thing to say:


    anyway, any final air date for rinne no la grange?
    that preair makes my e.y.e. NERVs bleed flowers.

  18. longhaul says:

    just as a note, with the whole legal pirate thing

    • oBb says:

      In a nutshell:

      In the name of , shall sail under ‘s aid with .
      will provide a save haven and offer fair trading, but does not support nor retaliate when is captured, tortured and/or killed by opposing faction(s).

      • oBb says:

        suppressing less and greater than signs instead of simply commenting them out or better yet replacing by chr()? bad software, bad bad bad.
        I really hope it’s not actually parsed in the comments O_o

  19. Csiko says:

    Wait, so you mean Sanetoshi isn’t the main villain?

    Fucking DROPPED

  20. Anonomous Coward says:

    At 218s in the phrase:
    “Where’d she learn a rudimentary trick like that?”

    I do not think that means what he thinks it means…

    From the context I think he meant to say something like “advanced” not “rudimentary.”

    Although I can’t see Aerobraking being all that advanced…dangerous maybe. You can rip your wings off trying something like that. But then, it’s just a simulator so it’s not a real problem.

    • oBb says:

      I think she bounced off the atmosphere or something. That’s what I read from the display, but it’s not the first time a display has shown wrong data in anime.

      Anyway, looking for space yacht club.

  21. Anonomous Coward says:

    Why was he impressed by a “rudimentary” (his words) trick? I was commenting that I thought from context that the word “rudimentary” might be the wrong choice.

    Actually I also found the “yacht club” odd too. At least here in the states “yachts” are larger than one man sailing boats. I’d put it more along the lines of a “sailing club” as yachts have crews and her boat looked more like a sailboat than a yacht.

    But I just put it down to a regional difference, sort of like “crew” vs “rowing.”

    • pollywog says:

      I think he said that because its something that the school would most likely not teach.
      interesting show
      thanks commie!

    • ghli says:

      Whether yachts are one man sailing boats or not, they literally say Yacht Club in the anime.

      ヨット部 > yotto bu > yacht club

  22. Anonomous Coward says:

    Exactly. And that’s why I’m pretty sure “rudimentary” is the wrong word. I’m thinking he probably said something more like “advanced,” “superlative” or “exemplary” trick instead. He probably didn’t want a word that means “basic” or “Micky Mouse”

    • RHExcelion says:

      No, he said crude and meant crude. Instead of diving gracefully, she decided to belly flop.

  23. Anonomous Coward says:

    OK. That makes sense. Sort of “not what you’d expect from a snooty girl’s school yachting club.”

    In that case “Crude” would have been a better choice, or “inelegant” if he being snarky. Although he really didn’t sound snarky (from the tone).

    So I’d guess it like calling something “old school” in that it’s not necessarily putting it down. More of the unexpected.

  24. foozlesprite says:

    Wow…I wasn’t going to try this show at all, but Commie subbing made me interested. Given the name and promo art, I was expecting another cliche pantsu anime, but I don’t think I saw a single gratuitous panty shot in here. I liked the concept, and somehow it reminds me of a cross between the old Lunar games and Firefly, kind of an older anime feel to it.

    Plus, the seiyuu in here speak really clearly, so as an intermediate Japanese student it’s great to listen for what I know in here. A++, will watch again!

  25. brc says:

    I don’t even care about this show, yet I downloaded it only because of Sanetoshi. Thanks guys!

  26. sandworm says:

    “This being a new show, we had no idea if that guy was actually part of the show or not, and beginning an episode with a flashback to some guy’s face has been done before.”

    That’s some staggering incompetence right there. Did nobody in the group watch Penguindrum?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      I don’t think anyone who worked on it did, but I could be wrong.

    • RHExcelion says:

      The encoder didn’t. Everyone else thought the encoder was trolling and laughed at him. The encoder had no idea why people were laughing at him.

  27. Raphaela says:

    maybe you should use the MX/MBS raw for the next episode for the sake of quality

    the subs are great though

  28. wat says:

    “trimming at a 64×36 resolution with no audio”

    why would you do that to yourself?