Busou Shinki 13


This is, like, the OVA or something that came with the last BD volume. idk

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6 Responses to “Busou Shinki 13”

  1. Martin says:

    Cool! I had no idea this was coming.

  2. bbo says:

    what i wanted to ask, did they go back to the premise of the original webcast or did the series stay with the midget harem/slice of life bore?

    • CRYsis says:

      Prologue of the Slice of Life.

    • airco says:

      What? No. It’s episode 13 of the anime series and takes place in the exact same continuity with the exact same characters as the rest of the TV series. 13 is mostly a prequel episode to the rest of the show, though.

  3. yue says:

    Boob enhancement eh…

  4. Stalker Fairy says:

    Dammit and I just only finished the series…