Campione 12, Kokoro Connect 12

Campione! 12

Kokoro Connect 12

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15 Responses to “Campione 12, Kokoro Connect 12”

  1. randomguy says:

    thank you. wierd, there was no intro on Campione! and the outro was the OP.

  2. FFOX says:

    Campione. Oh dear. The “Protection Injection” was epic level hilarious… and arousing. I can’t wait to seeings how zat plays out in zee Blu-Rays disc-ing version. Good jobbings as usual you Commie Bastards.

    Capitalist Pig Dog,

  3. dsasddf says:

    commie quality on the kokoro episode title typesetting

  4. bbo says:

    what the hell did i just watch?
    thank god my door’s locked…

    guess the manga isn’t as “tame” – and they can’t do what ffox imagines, even on BRs.

  5. Catastrophe says:

    so wtf is going on with all that lovemaking in anime nowadays?

  6. ghli says:

    uhh so sexy time?

  7. VanFinale says:

    You guys sure Kokoro is only 13 episodes it’s weird they’d make a new OP for only a few episodes.

  8. Tornado15550 says:

    Loving the new Kokoro Connect ED!!!