Persona 5 the Animation Stars and Ours


once again i had nothing to do with it so i have no idea what this is about other than it apparently finishes off the story

Staff comment: It’s been exactly one year since we started this project, so we’re all glad to finally be done. Enjoy?

We are (probably) not doing the OVA that comes with the final BD volume.

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Mix 01


I know the Tou/Dad part is kinda dumb, but I can’t rewrite it or some lines that should be in the next episode will be even harder to deal with.

Also, it may seem like the stepdad thing at the end is a spoiler, but the closed captions actually use the kanji for stepdad instead of dad, so people watching the show in Japan would know too.

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Ace of the Diamond act II 01


i changed some terminology and other minor stuff from what i used in season 1 and 2, mostly because what i did was dumb. it shouldn’t be too big of a deal though since it’s nothing too important. anyway, future episodes should be out much faster.

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Banana Fish BD Volume 1


although the episode 1 preview is separate, the rest are where you would expect (episode 2 preview is at the end of episode 1, episode 3 preview is at the end of episode 2, and so forth). not sure why they made it. i guess you’re supposed to watch it before starting the show?

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Kizumonogatari Batch

1080p | 720p | Patches

The main thing that’s changed is the previews for consistency. There are also some minor typos and other consistency fixes. If you’ve already watched the movies, there’s not really anything important changed.

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