Lupin the Third Part 5 BD Volume 5 END


batch in a few days, etc.

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Free! Take Your Marks

1080p | 720p

Although this was shown in theaters as a movie, both the Japanese and US BD release split it up into episodes like this. Also, this was animated at 1080p, so the 720p release is not recommended unless you have a tiny monitor or something. Lastly, like I said in the blog post for the season 3 batch release, I won’t be working on the BDs for that until Funi releases their BD, which I’d estimate will come out sometime around the end of the year.

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Persona 5 The Animation Dark Sun


yeah uh i didn’t work on this so i have no idea what it’s about. maybe someone who did will edit this post later if they care. also, there’s another special in march.

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3-gatsu no Lion 2 BD Batch


season 3 when ;_;

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Chihayafuru BD Volume 2


btw episodes 1-3 will have a new encode for the batch because i messed up the filtering slightly. it didn’t really affect the quality at all, but it did make the filesize about 10% bigger for no added benefit.

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