Chihayafuru 2 BD Batch

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the v2 for episode 20 fixes a line of dialogue that somehow ended up in the middle of the screen instead of at the bottom.

as for episode 26, there’s a new encode, so no patch is possible. on the video front like last time i spliced in the OP from the BDs so it actually looks decent instead of like shit. unlike last time i did a much better job of fixing the haloing so that should look a lot less bad. this time i also fixed the audio being out of sync after ~15m. either the DVD itself or the original rip of the DVD was corrupted and a bit of audio was missing at that point, so i spliced in a bit of silence to fix the sync. it sticks out a little, but it’s still better than being out of sync. it’s also not re-encoded to AAC for no reason. the subs don’t really have many changes since there wasn’t any karuta stuff in the OVA.

and if you’re wondering, my next long-term BD project will be haikyuu. hopefully i can do season 2 and 3 before season 4 airs.

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    thanks, are you working on pyscho-pass3 this season?