Christmas Presents 2017

brainchild and herkz present: A Christmas Love Story, pt. 6 – Wolf Girl & Black Prince


And now, a message from skiddiks.

Senki Zesshoushinai Symphogear 02


Merry CHRIStmas, bitches

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25 Responses to “Christmas Presents 2017”

  1. Anonymoose says:

    Thanks for the presents. ^^
    MahoYome when?

  2. Orion says:

    woo, hope this means that you guys will finish the BD of Senki Zesshou Symphogear G since you only need to do the last 2 eps and a batch with fixes!

  3. chibiusa says:

    Merry X-Mas and thanks!
    Any plans for next season?

  4. petoyusa says:

    next christmas, we have Chihayafuru, right?

  5. DarkAngel2224 says:

    Merry Christmas Cummie. Thanks for the Ookami BD after a year lol

  6. where are the bds????? says:

    this is not teekyuu wtf

  7. Leviathan13 says:

    Thanks for Ookami!

  8. VermillinBird says:

    Owari 2 & Koyomi when?

  9. Isa says:

    The perfect present, thank you.

  10. Takeshi says:

    Chihaya BD pls….

  11. Takeshi says:

    Herkz pls….

  12. Takeshi says:

    >Christmas is shit

    Lol, Sthap :D