Dokidoki! Precure 07


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  1. Alb A9A9 says:

    yes. more dick dick precure.
    i honestly stopped checking doremi because of you guys.
    thanks for the release.

  2. anime viewer says:

    Thanks for subbing an enjoyable episode.

  3. Tainted says:

    Thanks for the release. Noticed a small error at 10:33, the subs say “But I couldn’t find my her.”

  4. 名無し says:

    チョーイイネ! キックストライク サイコー!

  5. 名無し says:

    チョーイイネ! キックストライク サイコー!

  6. Chortos-2 says:

    Thanks for the fabulous subs!

    Now… In addition to ‘my her’ as mentioned above, there’s ‘guide us through the palace’: shouldn’t it be ‘to the palace’?

    And now let’s go back to episode 5.
    > Dialogue: 0,0:21:51.94,0:21:55.62,Default,,0,0,10,,But Makoto still seems to have doubts.

    I had my doubts about this line when I saw it for the first time, as the Japanese there is 真琴さんへの疑いは残ったまま (disclaimer: I don’t have the CCs, so the spelling may differ) and your translation seemed to ignore the へ. But I couldn’t immediately figure out what else the Japanese could be supposed to mean, so I decided to wait for CureCom’s translation instead of thinking about it myself.

    A week and a half later, CureCom’s translation (which is, of course, obvious in hindsight):
    > I still have my suspicions about Makoto-san, though.

    Makes sense! They thought she was Cure Sword but weren’t sure, so now she’s saying that after this episode’s events she still isn’t sure. (All the evidence notwithstanding.)

    • airco says:

      Thanks for the feedback, as I shouldn’t let myself get deluded into thinking I’m remotely competent. And yeah, I guess you’re right on both counts, though I got confused by the line in episode 5 because Rikka was just talking about Mana mending her relationship with Makoto, and my autism that makes me incapable of understanding other people made me forget that the characters might now know who Makoto really was despite her being in the OP. Oh well. ( ´_ゝ`)

      • Chortos-2 says:

        Yeah, I think I was confused in just the same way by that line, and that’s why I copped out and waited to see CureCom’s translation.

        …Want a QC for Dokidoki? :P I’m not sure if I could keep up given the time it airs, but it could be worth a try. Of course, a no is fine too.

        • herkz says:


          sounds like TLC to me

        • airco says:

          Nah, I already QC it myself. I appreciate the feedback, but having someone else QC just makes a TL/editor lazier since they can just use the last person who looked at the script as a scapegoat for any errors in a release. I’ll just try to pay more attention next time/fix things in the batch.

  7. stushi says:

    So…japanese card game where?