Dokidoki! Precure 25


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3 Responses to “Dokidoki! Precure 25”

  1. torchlight says:

    Cutie Sebastian best Cutie.

  2. Chortos-2 says:

    > The Precure’s Five Vows!

    > First! {Yep, she says hitotsu. It can’t be helped.}

    B-but why not ‘One of the Precure’s Five Vows!’ (Or more liberally, ‘Another of the […]’) She doesn’t say hitotsume or daiichi. But yeah, what she says is awkward in any case.

    • airco says:


      >2: (Noun) for one thing (often used in itemized lists);

      Welp. Remember kids, check the dictionary even when you think you know a word!

      Also, I thought you died or something.