Dokidoki! Precure 3


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4 Responses to “Dokidoki! Precure 3”

  1. Chortos-2 says:

    Whoa, you’re getting even faster! Although upon checking other shows you translate it seems this is the normal speed. Guess I’m just not used to it. Still, for me this is a pleasant surprise!

    Just one suggestion: I think for episode title typesetting the font used by Æsir–Anxious and now by CureCom, Varela Round, is a better fit.

    I’m also curious about Lavies vs Lovies.

    • airco says:

      >Lavies vs Lovies

      The kana is apparently supposed to be a portmanteau of Love and Rubies. I’m of the opinion that it’s pretty much gibberish either way, so I just go with the more accepted romanization. Speaking of romanizations, expect some to change if official romanizations come out (namely the fairies and Selfish trio).

    • Orcus says:

      It’s a subtle reference to Last Exile.

  2. Catastrophe says:

    this shit is just too fucking metal