Dokidoki! Precure 30


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7 Responses to “Dokidoki! Precure 30”

  1. Impact says:

    ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  2. Chortos-2 says:

    > 王女さまは そのやりの力で キングジコチューを封印したのですね

    > And to think that King Selfish sealed the princess away with that spear’s own power…

    The princess must have used that spear’s power to seal away King Selfish.

    > stomacheth

    This is intentional, right? Just checking.
    …Actually, Mana’s Japanese is faultless, so why stick -th on a noun in the translation?

    • herkz says:

      Because Mana is talking like Melan does who uses ぬ endings. Unless you think that’s normal, or something.

      • Chortos-2 says:

        For one thing, that’s normal. -nu is just as valid as -nai, if older and rarer nowadays.
        And she’s not specifically talking like Melan, she’s using a proverb. Most proverbs in Japanese tend to use somewhat outdated grammar, including -nu. Even if you consider -nu to be severely outdated (or Mana to be imitating Melan), it is still an outdated correct grammar element. -eth on nouns has never been correct in English.

        • herkz says:

          I dunno, I think it’s old/weird enough to give it emphasis in the translation.

          • Chortos-2 says:

            Well, originally I was only objecting to bad grammar, not to emphasis. And for emphasis you already have ‘thou canst’ in the line.

            But no, really, it is just a standard proverb. I’m still kinda okay with translating it the way you did (except with proper grammar) because that style does fit the scene, but actually it would be even better to find a corresponding English proverb. For example, just as suggested even by the Japanese–English dictionary I linked to in my previous post: ‘They say an army marches on its stomach!’

    • airco says:

      1) Whoops, that’s a silly error. I guess I read a sareta in there for no reason? Which of course wouldn’t even make sense if I had bothered to remember what had happened in the show, but I guess I haven’t had my thinking cap on lately.

      2) I was actually aware of this one a few hours after release, but yeah, another error I didn’t have my thinking cap on for. Out of some strange form of not paying attention, I misinterpreted Mana’s line following this as 話し方 instead of やり方 (No, the line wouldn’t have really made sense like that), which made me think she was trying to imitate Aguri’s style of speech, so I added extra old-tymey goodness for emphasis. Of course, I realized shortly afterward that the following line was Mana asking about cooking, so I fixed the line following, but I didn’t go back to fix the original line. Not that I knew what to fix it to — it only occurred to me hours later that Mana wasn’t trying to imitate Aguri, but instead directly quote something she had said episodes before that I had forgotten about. Again, lack of thinking cap. I’m quite forgetful.

      It kind of hurts to know I make mistakes these dumb, but I’d rather have a thousand people pointing out and taking issue with legitimate errors I make over one person calling my release garbage because they mistook a fairy’s name pun to be a Portal reference. In short, /a/ is a terrible place.