Dokidoki! Precure 31


airco: For the record, last week’s ‘What the Chell’ line wasn’t a Portal reference. I hope I never have to clear something as dumb as that up again in my life.

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  1. anon says:

    The reference was a lie.

  2. Powerswag-kun says:

    How dumb can people get?

    On the other hand, it wouldn’t have been so bad if you hadn’t waited until episode 30 to use the fairy’s verbal tic as an English pun for the first time.

    • herkz says:

      because it’d be really annoying to do all the time for no reason

    • airco says:

      In case you don’t watch our releases, I used the fairy names in word puns throughout most of episode 29, to emphasize that their tics sounds out of place when they’re in human form (read: we’re 29 episodes in and I can’t go back and change shit). Admittedly, I had intended to only use the puns while the fairies were in human form, but I thought it’d be funny to use in 30 even though Rachel was in fairy form just to show how flustered he was by the ENORMOUS DRAGON FLYING ALONGSIDE THEM WHAT THE CHELL IS THAT OH GOD.

      But yeah.

      • Powerswag-kun says:

        It was a pretty good pun, and I have been watching your releases for this show.

        Precure has never been a highly subbed show, and even though I can’t appreciate all the localization you guys do, when compared to the alternatives, your releases are better in so many other ways.

        I made the mistake of watching Smile (a mistake in itself) from Chihiro. Besides being 6 months late, the lack of editing ability on such a simple show was obvious. The thing that bothered me the most was that the girls were saying “fuck” all over the last episodes, which would be unacceptable for a children’s show in most English speaking countries. It really shattered my weekly channeling of my inner Powerswag-chan self.

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          yeah wow you fucked up bad there. Why would you get them of all people when aesir was better in literally every conceivable way?

      • thewizardninja says:

        “I thought it would be funny” isn’t really a good enough reason to pull something like that. It wasn’t clever enough on its own as a heard pun either, since he says “keru”, not “cheru” (Fun fact: the particular Rachel the Queen of Diamonds is based on is actually pronounced Ra-khail; turns out the elevens weren’t butchering its phonetics as much as you probably thought). It was fine in 29 because, hey, what else can you do when you have to show them consciously holding back tics you’d previously ignored? But here it was just a dumb idea that you didn’t think through well enough.

        • Orcus says:

          Relax, guy. It’s a show about little girls that turn into Avon ladies. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously. Let us be light hearted and free with the translation. Okay, cupcake?

        • airco says:

          I’m aware of how Rachel’s name is pronounced and who it references, hence why I changed it from “Raquel” back in episode five or so. As such, the “What the Chell” line from the previous episode should be read as “What the kell,” which still rhymes with hell, hence the pun.

          Maybe it was dumb either way, but shouganai. :V

  3. donjuan says:

    The new ipad attack they have in this episode is cool.

  4. Dannphou says:

    Are you guys still doing the Aura Movie, it comes out next week on Bluray?

    • Orcus says:

      Buy it for us?

    • herkz says:

      don’t think so. i’m not sure it will be easy to translate without reading the novel first and no one who can TL it for me has read it and the people who read it don’t even want to translate the PVs, let alone an entire movie

  5. Chortos-2 says:

    My reaction to the mention of a Portal reference was ‘whoa lol’, but I figured that wasn’t a fitting™ thing for me to reply to that comment with and was too shocked to come up with anything else. So here I am instead posting it now with this long-winded explanation attached as if this makes it any more appropriate.

    Anyway. I have just one little remark about this episode. It doesn’t really matter, but the first line is ‘mazui na’ (this is bad), not ‘maa maa [maa]’ (well, well, well). I think Gula makes a noise in the background that somewhat obscures the ‘zui’. Then again, you may well have intentionally edited this line, particularly since you translate from the closed captions. Oh well.

    • airco says:

      Yeah, that was intentional. I wanted to make Bel come off as smug, yet calm, like someone who knows he’s won, yet only needs to let the present situation speak for himself to piss off Leva and Gura. On the other hand, the “mazui” does mean he rubs it in a bit, but at the same time, he says it in such a passive, detached way that it doesn’t feel like he really shoves their failure in their faces. “Well, well, well,” is often used to start off smug “I told you so”-esque lectures like his, and I felt it captured the right amount of smugness and detachment Bel was going for in that line. A literal translation probably would have worked just as well, but meh.

      • Chortos-2 says:

        I do think your line works pretty well. Indeed, I think I’d actually want to use something similar if I tried to translate and edit on my own! I guess the literal translator inside me woke up, and the audio was a bit unclear, so I thought I’d make sure this was a conscious choice rather than a mistake. Perhaps I paid unnecessary attention because it was the first thing I heard and saw.

        Thank you for your effort, and keep up the good work!

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          can i con you into joining so we can force you to do things

          • Chortos-2 says:

            Oh, I actually offered to TLC Dokidoki a few months ago! Do you want me to do other shows? But I’m not sure I could do things harder than little girl shows with closed captions.

            *checks JLPT sample questions* Well, I got 16/17 on N3 despite not knowing a considerable proportion of the kanji, 7/14 on the non-listening part of N2 and, incredibly, (almost) all listening questions on both N2 and N1. Of course, this was without using any dictionaries and stuff.

            And I live in constant fear that all my English is in dire need of further editing.

            I’d say I’ve no idea how much free time I’ll have this academic year, but I can probably find enough time for a weekly thing no matter what. This year is going to be quite different from the last few, so it’s hard for me to predict, you see. And actually I don’t know how much effort and time it would really take me to do anything to a whole episode. Maybe I should try that one of these days (as if I will). It probably depends on how pedantic I’m being and how much anyone’s hurrying me to finish.