Fate/Zero 1

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Few notes:
[Kyhz] Strictly speaking mana and od is the energy in its raw state, while prana is the name given to it once it is converted by the Magic Circuits.

It’s 48 minutes, 720p, and 320MB. Deal with it.

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51 Responses to “Fate/Zero 1”

  1. hello says:

    I’m curious about how big it would be if it was 8bit

  2. Daniel says:

    Is this hi10p

  3. JustSteven says:

    Awesome, thanks.

  4. Harout says:

    48 minutes for the first episode ? How come ?!

  5. H0L3Z says:

    lol nobody is going to watch your group’s localized shit.

  6. autism says:

    Guess it’s time to see if my shitbox can handle 10bit. Pretty sure no. Hopefully some one releases in 8bit.

  7. Vst says:

    Is this a sequel to fate/night? I haven’t seen any of them <<. Do I watch this one first or night one first?

  8. p24601 says:

    10bit all the way…Until HEVC (H.265)…

  9. Al says:

    Is it just my computer, or does the video get buggy around 2:50? right before the title comes up.

  10. LV4Hypocrite says:

    >..in the meantime, please enjoy Saber riding a banana.

    mfw ・ワ・

  11. Noein says:

    Is this video right encoded ? I have pixels pop up + http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/33/commiefatezero013a0ccd6.png/

  12. Sam says:

    Hey when i try to watch this i only get audio, does anybody know why this is happening?

  13. koga88 says:

    Thanks for the release guys, 10bit works perfectly. Also great job on the size, the thing takes up the space of a standard 20 minute show of last season.

  14. EB says:

    Thanks for the file–720p is glorious.

    Small criticism: the “ojisan” at 40:41 should probably be switched from “Mister” to “Uncle”, since that’s what he is.

  15. Shadow8 says:

    I download the episode and I watch with VLC, but my screen is green, the sound work well.

    I can read 720 p

  16. Baka-chan says:

    dat banana

  17. Noein says:

    ok solution for all of who has green screen and so on : newest klite codec pack + core avc from this post http://commiesubs.com/official-10bit-notice/#more-4332 and all works fine .

  18. mononyan says:

    Who’s Kireo?

    /4:50 typo

    And Run?

    /38:04 typo

    Other than that, thanks for the quick release.

  19. nINJAkECIL says:

    How the hell people still unable to play 10-bit-encoded-video in this day and age?

    I LOLed @ people complaining @ nyaa too.

    Uninstall current codec pack, install the latest CCCP codec pack and you’re done. How’s that any difficult? Even on my ancient nVIDIA 9400GT and E5200 it still played smoothly.

    Anyway, thanks commmie. Are you planning on doing the BD on this?

  20. lcleong says:

    where the fuck is C3?

  21. Shawn263241 says:

    Just came.

  22. Rihan says:

    I used the latest CCCP version and Media Player Classic Home Cinema. All I got was a black screen with sound though.

    • nINJAkECIL says:

      Maybe you messed up things at installing CCCP.
      >Uninstall any codec pack.

      >Install the latest CCCP without configuring anything, and play 10bit video with MPC-HC.

      I try playing with Windows Media Player 12 and it plays fine albeit without subtitle from internal sub.

      KMplayer plays 10bit fine too, but you have to use ffdshow as primary decoded in KMPlayer.

  23. erejnion says:

    more stuff for batch:

    Are you a sudent

  24. Tysonblast says:

    53 torrent comments (at this point in time)? Goddamn, this 10bit drama shit just won’t end.

    Stay classy, Commie.

  25. sdfsdfsd says:

    Commie = shit localized (dumbed down) subs. No fucking way am I downloading this from you. Die in a fire.

    • fail says:

      You can hear honorifics and general weebo lines. Are your ears perhaps not working? i fail to see why it needs to be printed with subs when you can fucking hear it.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Great work with 10bit and thank you very much
    Excellent quality and size.hope you will encode in 10bit from now on.
    And don’t even listen to the dumbasses that cannot play 10bit files.they must just die in hell.
    Thank you very much

  27. Nokkun says:

    I just reinstalled win7 and i was going to watch some anime, I did everything according to this( http://imouto.my/watching-h264-videos-using-dxva/ ) tutorial and now MPC-HC play 10-bit perfectly(just ignore the dxva in the title…^^ )
    you can download CoreAVC from here: http://www.fileserve.com/file/zNaJhrC

  28. MrGiggleNutz says:

    Does anyone know of an encoder that can handle 10-bit input files and spit out 8-bit files? My mobile device won’t support the playback of this file and I can’t get Handbrake (including the nightly build) to open it.

    • MrGiggleNutz says:

      Derp….. Handbrake handles the 10-bit source file just fine on Ubuntu. Guess I’ll just install a virtual machine for encoding these 10-bit releases.

    • sto says:

      i am trying to reencode this as well with handbrake and it also shits itself trying to open it.

      anyone know what program can do the reencode?

      • MrGIggleNutz says:

        So far I only managed to get the nightly build of Handbrake on Ubuntu to handle this Fate/Zero encode. I tried the other so called method and couldn’t get it to work so you might be at a dead end. If you download virtualbox and an ISO of Ubuntu you can just installed the latest and greatest Handbrake compiled for Linux with a pretty easy time.

  29. Alex says:

    So… here’s my solution to 10bit:
    1. install k-lite codecs 7.7.0 and update to 7.7.7 (at least)
    2. play with media player classic
    3. if you want another player install that (if not already installed and configure its decoder settings to ffdshow video decoder from k-lite)

    p.s. i use kmplayer as my main player and combined with k-lite codec pack it works perfect with 10bit now :D

  30. Oni says:

    Hi, guys. Could you please propose the subtitle file alone for next Fate/Zero releases ? Thanks.