Official 10bit Notice

Remember this post?

Well the time has come; Both CCCP and CoreAVC now support 10bit.

Playback: (Note that you only need one of these, not all, to play 10bit)
CoreAVC 3.0.1 (fixes a few things)
LAV Video

We won’t be labeling anything specifically as 10bit, because since when did we label anything anyways. Also if we did label anything it would be [10bit] and not [Hi10P] because Hi10P sounds retarded as fuck.

I suggest everyone should read some research papers about hi10p at http://x264.nl/x264/ (Atm those last 3 .pdf’s at the bottom) before posting in this post in order to avoid embarrassing yourselves on teh internetz.

Arnavion edit:
Holy shit 500+ comments and it’s the same discussion over and over and FUCKING OVER again. Jesus H Christ do you know how annoying it is to go through butthurt after asspained butthurt comment and approve them all? Comments are FUCKING closed.

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  1. anon says:

    so what do you guys prefer for the best playback experience? just simple CCCP or halia + madvr + LAV?

    • GeeGeez says:

      madVR currently provides the best playback quality. Older CPUs might struggle with it, but remember you don’t necessarily need to have the luma up/downscaling set to Spline with 4 taps. On a 2 year old laptop with the luma scaling set to Bicubic sharpness 75, and using LAV filters, every 10bit vid I have runs perfectly.

      • Griffihn says:

        you do know that most people won’t understand a thing of what you just said, right? simply put, if your pc can’t handle cccp properly, you either have to start studying in order to make it work or find something that just works. as far as i’ve seen, cccp barely handles 10bit properly on older machines and the only one from that long list that just does it all without you bothering to change any settings or giving specific commands is mplayer2 though i do have to admit: using madVR the way you’ve put it does make it run flawlessly.

        • trololololo says:

          he’s replying to a guy asking for help about madvr specifically. he doesn’t need to make it understandable to majority.

      • anon says:

        fresh install madvr after uninstalling everything, gives me no differences whatsoever compare to cccp.

        btw: some people like to play anime on their big screen 3D TV by plug in USB/mass storage for smoother image. but with 10bit, no longer they can do that.

  2. Rogger says:

    cccp and coreAVC doesnt work on my 2006-old-computer, but i found a manual to play 10bit using Lav =).

  3. nadesko says:

    Any plans for High 4:4:4 Predictive Profile (Hi444PP) since x264 already supports 4:4:4 encoding.

    • Petrushka says:

      are you trollin’, dude?

      • nadesko says:

        LOL troll is not in my vocabulary.
        High 4:4:4 Predictive Profile (Hi444PP)
        This profile builds on top of the High 4:2:2 Profile, supporting up to 4:4:4 chroma sampling, up to 14 bits per sample, and additionally supporting efficient lossless region coding and the coding of each picture as three separate color planes.

        x264 changelog:
        commit c07df2f77dacfec444785bf60229f804dc43c10b r2017
        Author: Jason Garrett-Glaser
        Date: Wed Jun 22 03:32:53 2011 -0700

        4:4:4 encoding support

        ffdshow, coreavc, and madvr already supports Hi444PP decoding.

        • nadesko says:

          no more lossy chroma pixel, meaning precise RGB production.
          more computing power needed.

          720p Hi444PP sample

          • trololololo says:

            “precise RGB production.”

            That’s your cue.

            A waste of bandwidth since TS are already using yv12 (4:2:0) anyway.

            And that blog is a joke Hi444PP will be always bigger on size than YV12. (hint : “efficient lossless”, meaning it’ll be better than RGB but would NEVER be smaller than 4:2:0, just impossible).

            • nadesko says:

              I think you better read the third PDF on x264.nl regarding chroma subsampling.

              • trololololo says:

                No I think YOU who should read it, they’re talking about PRODUCTION chain. Like I said before, everything anime comes with YV12 (4:2:0) chroma subsampling.

                Which means there is nothing improve upon them, and using 4:4:4 is not only redundant but a waste of space.

                • nadesko says:


                  “working in 4:4:4 will give you better color precision. It’s not that the image converted from 4:2:2 to 4:4:4 will get any better. It’s that any subsequent operation performed in 4:4:4 ratio will be have finer color precision.”


                  As illustrated in Figure 5, the drawbacks in encoding
                  4:2:2 include a moderate bit-rate increase (for a given
                  quantizer) relative to 4:2:0 encoding.

                  Surprisingly, this bit-rate increase does not lead to a
                  loss of video quality with the first generation. In fact,
                  the perceived quality is roughly the same except at very
                  high bit-rates where 4:2:2 processing performs slightly
                  better than 4:2:0. As shown in Figure 6, an objective
                  measurement like PSNR reflects this subjective

                  Therefore processing video in 4:2:2 does not exhibit
                  technical disadvantages and can help to avoid annoying
                  chroma artifacts seen in cascaded encoding-decoding
                  Taking these advantages into consideration, using 4:2:2
                  chroma sub sampling can meet the needs of production
                  and contribution applications.

                  Obviously, your not doing your homework.

                  • trololololo says:

                    Hahaha lol, I give, you don’t seem to understand at all.

                    Yeah whatever, any real group won’t ever use this profile anyway, not until we see better colorspace used on distributed anime.

                  • Petrushka says:

                    Increasing filesize + decoding power doesn’t worth with the increasing in quality itself….


                    NO. rejected.

                    • nadesko says:

                      I give up.
                      You guys doesn’t understand the benefits of it I’ve clearly pointed it out.

                      And yeah as if you we’re in their staff LOL.

                    • erejnion says:

                      as far as I understand it, it’s good to work in 4:4:4 while applying filters and such, am I right? So a release like Pani Poni Dash would benefit from this, but the usual (tv) anime won’t.

                    • trololololo says:

                      What filter are you talking about here?

                      Give concrete application name please.

                    • erejnion says:

                      …any filter (that can operate in 4:4:4)?

                    • trololololo says:

                      Concrete name please?

                      Most useful-for-anime avisynth filter that I know only work on YV12 colorspace.

                    • Petrushka says:

                      it’s not like they will listen to you…………

                      ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

                  • trololololo says:

                    Just to clarify this since it’d stuck in your head otherwise.

                    “As illustrated in Figure 5, the drawbacks in encoding
                    4:2:2 include a moderate bit-rate increase (for a given
                    quantizer) relative to 4:2:0 encoding.”

                    The SOURCE is 4:2:2 of course it’d better than encoding to 4:2:0.

                    SHOW me metric (not PSNR lol which already proven to be not a reliable subjective metric with x264) or better yet COMPARISON picture/video of 444 encoded from 420 SOURCE that shows your claimed ADVANTAGE.

                    (not random forum post with no prove whatsoever)

  4. KiKiKun says:

    madvr ,haali media splitter MPC+HC ,LAV video/audio

    Do not not use MPCHC if u dont have a proper guide

    http://haruhichan.com/wpblog/?p=205#guide this seems to help me play 10bits

  5. sabot3 says:


    Add this to op?

    It’s useful with madvr.

    • trololololo says:

      MOST anime viewer would not even have the device needed to calibrate their monitor, hell I doubt they even know, or care, what manual calibration is.

      People who know would hang around on doom9 and find the thread themselves anyway.

  6. Yuki says:

    Are there any HTPC interaces (Plex, XBMC, Boxee, etc…) that support this at all?

    I’m running the latest Plex, released a week or two ago, and these aren’t supported. The hardware’s more than capable, but the software doesn’t seem to be there yet.

    This is starting to get frustrating, since more and more encoders are moving to Hi10p, and HD 8-bit encodes (which work great) are getting harder to find.

    I’m just wondering if I’m missing some XBMC plugin or something that would fix this situation.

    • Petrushka says:

      not yet.

      maybe in the next XBMC. but it won’t ever support hardware accel for 10-bit videos.

      mplayer2 is the wisest choice for ya

    • trololololo says:

      XBMC could call mpc-hc externally, which could use lavfilters.

      Not sure how, but I know for sure it can. Google it.

    • abit says:

      MediaPortal has a LAV Filter plugin so it should be able to decode 10-bit.

      Also, a someone over at the xmbc forum has compiled a windows release of xbmc with 10-bit support (still a work in progress).

  7. Petrushka says:

    it’s not like they will listen to u, too, though….

  8. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know guys why you doing this shit. anyone have persona re-encodes? doki has stalled on ep 6 ;_;

  9. Socapex says:

    Zoom Player 8 free edition also now supports 10bit, and you don’t need to install any codec packs, just run the install center and allow it to do whatever it wants. Very quick and easy, certainly the most painless path to 10bit I’ve seen.

    So far I’ve found it’s pretty stable and free from the various issues found using version 6 or 7 with the latest CCCP. Also has no problem playing files encoded with a wide variety of codecs or any file type I can throw at it. I also find it plays back 1080p files much better on my 720p display settings with no lag or noticeable loss of frames.

    • Petrushka says:

      thanks for the info. i’ll check it out.

      everything is better than VLC, i guess

    • MrJones says:

      I couldn’t get anything to play 10 bit. None of the tools or guides worked.
      Ten minutes to install zoomplayer and it works like a charm. Thanks, Socapex!

  10. Ocha says:

    stupid question. how can I turn off music on this site? I can’t see the player…

  11. peanutbutter says:

    for those that just use mpc and ffdshow… just update to ffdshow tryouts rev3984… dont need cccpoop or any other packs.

  12. alex says:

    10bit is epic shit why do you have to use that crap

    • alex says:

      I converted Macross Frontier Wings of Goodbye from the 10bit crap, where some parts were pixelated and the colors constantly changed (even with the newest LAV filters and Haali media splitter), to 8bit and the video looks great. The 8bit version has a smaller file but looks 10x better.

  13. Petrushka says:

    >looks 10x better.

    looks like u have to check ur eyes on veterinarian

    • alex says:

      It doesn’t mean that because on your computer it looks good that on everyone else’s it will look the same. My laptop is only 2 years old. 10bit is an incompatible piece of shit. I downloaded 9th ep of Ika Musume 2, of coarse it must be in that 10bit crap, the OP was all pixelated so I just watched an internet stream (which looks much better) than this 10bit crap.

      • Petrushka says:

        that’s because u didn’t use a brain…….

        i have laptop that’s already 2 years old….and it can play Hi10P flawlessly by using mplayer2

        • RCGT says:

          So can I, and my laptop’s 4 years old. lrn2tenbit imo

        • alex says:

          “that’s because u didn’t use a brain
          it can play Hi10P flawlessly by using mplayer2”

          what a fail troll

          • lol² says:

            Butthurt much? Everyone here including me can play 10-bit just fine (protip: mplayer2), so shut up or gtfo.

            • basement dad says:

              Oh, come on guys, srsly. Are we in kindergarten? Not everyone uses/wants to use linux. If you have a linux box, go for mplayer2/smplayer, it works perfectly (like for myself).
              If you have a windose (funnier in german – dose = can) you have to live with madVR etc. How about stopping flaming around, and be nice to each other again?
              PS: Oh what do we have here, smplayer even runs on windows. Although, I cannot say how good it works on M$win.

          • lol² says:

            Butthurt much? Everyone here including me can play 10-bit just fine (protip: mplayer2), so shut up or gtfo.

          • Petrushka says:

            way to go for being an idiot

            just bark as many as u like. people won’t listen to idiot like u, anyway

      • trololololo says:

        lol I pity guys like you

        but go on, keep believing that.

      • Person says:

        You’re actually right. 10-bit is crap. The only benefit it has is smaller file size.
        10-bit has worse quality which is why the file size is smaller and has barely any players that can play it. They probably think it’s better because the number 10 is higher than 8. When in reality it’s actually 10 times worse.

  14. alex says:

    Looks like Zoom Player (+ set video output to Haali) is the only player (I know) that can really play 10bit properly.

    In MPC (or other players) 10bit looks like crap.
    Still sucks that all DVD converting SW I tried that “support” 10bit can’t convert it properly and the result looks bad like in MPC.
    Why do you have to switch to that stupid 10bit when it’s not supported properly.

    • DeathfireD says:

      MPC does not support it nor does it look like anyone plans to add it. A few other popular players don’t support it either. Instead download MPC-Home Cinema (a fork of MPC) and make sure you have the latest CCCP installed. Pixels and bleeding should go away.

      PS. 10bit is crap. Why sub groups decided to switch to this is beyond me. Quality isn’t noticeably better even with a top of the line video card and processor. File size is increased to some degree too.

      • trololololo says:

        Get a better monitor. No really.

        • DeathfireD says:

          I use a 1080p TV with an HDMI cable and also a 23 inch HP 2311x monitor with a DVI cable. I seriously noticed no major gains between the two formats. 10bit is a tad bit crisper but nothing too extreme as to switch to it.

  15. popo says:

    I get a green screen whenever I download commie subs at animetake.com and try to watch it on my VLC player, it working on another but is all blochy and horrid… :/

    • Petrushka says:

      download nightly build of VLC (although i won’t recommend VLC )

      not the official one

    • microdark says:

      Thats probably because your computer cant handle it, so it jumps some decoding so that your video doesn’t lag. About VLC I cant answer because i never had it.

  16. sabot3 says:

    Can’t you just copy this guide 1:1?

    it has all the download links
    and works for most people…

  17. zwei says:

    Quick question, do the weekly releases support 5.1 audio channel?

  18. zoie says:

    Oh damn, so I can no longer watch commie releases on my WD TV Live?! Bleh, back to the small laptop screen…

  19. Jack says:

    Dunno what the squabbling’s about. I find 10-bit vids to be convenient with their smaller sizes, which leads to shorter download times.

    Kudos to Commie. You guys are one of my preferred sub groups.

  20. zerpy says:

    yo, yo videos suck. the encoding is messed, all I get is a green screen. Stop sucking.

  21. herp says:


  22. Son Goku ssj4 says:

    Maybe a lame question, but:
    I’ve downloaded CCCP codecs and in CMP:HC options I set it in Output from System Default to EVR Sync **
    So the question is: am I playing 10bit videos right?

    The last 2 months I’ve played it thanks to the http://x264.nl/x264 manual (LAV, MadVR, MPC:HC etc) but when I have some AMV in playlist on full-screen or minimalised, the next video won’t start (madVR error …) so I decided to try CCCP codecs.

    • erejnion says:

      Well, yeah. madVR would be even more right, but, as you have noticed, it still has some bugs, so since you don’t wanna deal with them, using CCCP – LAV – EVR-CP is just fine. Or even with ffdshow, if your cpu can handle it even with heavy typeset. (hint: CCCP settings – alternative h264 decoders – LAV –it has better performance)

  23. Whats all the fuss about says:

    K-Lite Codec Pack Install.
    No need to configure anything.
    10-Bit Video works fine on P4 processor with no graphics card.

  24. garie234 says:

    so many idiots out there who still have problem playing 10bit video,

    for Nvidia CUDA

    for ATI or Intel DXVA(Sandybridge)

    if you still don’t get it, then go fuck yourselves.

  25. sabot3 says:

    madVR is supported by XBMC now
    and lav too I think…

    ” Originally Posted by Boltron View Post
    Tiben’s got his first madVR playback over at XBMC DSPlayer. This is awesome! ” -some forum…

  26. mr.x says:

    don’t blame for using vlc 1.2 nightly…

    works fine with any other 10bit vids so far…
    but yours give me tha hell of an error. <3

  27. Navi | Hey, listen! says:

    PROTIP: This shit has been working since like July 2011 on pretty much anything using latest ffmpeg/libav or derivatives and other implementations (ffdshow, LAV filters etc.)

    Including, but not limited to MPlayer SVN, mplayer2 SVN, MPC-HC SVN/Nightlies (see trac for official builds, baka), VLC Nightlies, CCCP (betas before recent stable), Gay-Lite homobag, Buttshark James Bond Edition and Your Mom.

    And they all have ready-made builds or shitty installers for the technically challenged. Also 1337 “DIY” build scripts for above-average gaia’ers.

    Some Linux Distros’ repos are behind the times still due to various reasons and development cycles (read: Procrastination).

    Run a few copy-paste build scripts (even noob-UN2 forums have those) and thou shall check out of teh SVN or git with a spiffy fresh build of smoking excrement. Then you insert 10-bit chinese cartoons or re-encoded unfunny adult swim series into it and witness SCIENCE!

    tl;dr whatever you use, the -!-internally used components-!- should be at least from august 2011 (obviously use latest available) and 10-bit should just work(TM). If it doesn’t, it’s more likely that YOU FAIL and you didn’t make sure the components are actually newer than August 2011 and not from some prehistoric microcomputer stone age like May 2011.

  28. Trevor says:

    So, I have a new computer (xps 15 i7 2820) so I know my computer can run anything, which one of these would you guys recommend? I have the older version of CoreAVC and that’s worked great for me in the past, so I was thinking about just using that one. How would you rank each of these?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Just get CCCP. It’s the easiest and works. If you want to fiddle with things, go look at the guide on nyaatorrents.

  29. sabot3 says:

    What would you do instead? What’s wrong with it exactly?

  30. Love, Everyone With A Hardware Media Server says:

    10-bit did one thing for me:

    Taught me how to reencode, or switch to different sub groups.

    I usually do the latter.

  31. anon says:

    Your loss. Also,


    >hardware media server

  32. Tempest says:

    Um, I just downloaded mplayer2 to replace mplayer extended in ordert to play your newest ep of P4, but I was encountering the same graphical distortions that I had with the original mplayer.

    I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen with the new one. Did I miss some magical step between “Download mplayer2 -> play some animu”?

    • knows his shit says:

      Are you using the gl video output driver? Currently only nVidia GPUs with the proprietary driver (a.k.a. the blob) can reliably handle 16 bpc (bits per channel) textures. There were later some hackish changes added to make it work on some Intel and maybe other vendor GPUs but until Mesa 12 you are shit out of luck.
      Luckily you can force software scaling (vf=scale in configuration or -vf scale for command line) to make swscale do the rescaling which should not only work but also provide slightly better quality since no known video driver seems to be doing dithering for 16 bpc (unlike swscale).
      Alternatively you missed the part that your mplayer/mplayer2 MUST be no older than August 2011 though it’s strongly recommended to always use the newest version you can (and that’s git builds not the obsolete 2.0).

      • Tempest says:

        I mean, I downloaded it right off the mplayer site, maybe I did miss something there. It seems you know your shit though. Thanks.

        • yes says:

          Yes, I sort of do, and that release is terribly old (unless you meant the lach0r’s builds for Windows), so old it can’t do Hi10p. You need something a lot newer than that.

  33. darknile says:

    I’m using my 6year old laptop and when I first tried to run Shakugan Shana final 13 the sound didn’t work, video came in fine on CCCP, then out of nowhere the sound worked. Now I’m having the same problem with Rinne no Lagrange. Video is fine, no sound… I can run 10bit without trouble in most cases, but this is getting annoying.

  34. Jesus says:


  35. Looooooord says:

    So, lets see. 10Bit does not support hardware encoding, it is not supported by media centers, and in a time where we have faster internet connecitons and cheap storage, you really expect people to accept a ‘small compability sacrifice’?.

    Jeez. Guess I’ll have to start to recode every god damn show I want to watch. Thanks!

    • trololololo says:

      Adapt or shut up.

      And every single decent subber would lol hard @ hardware encoder, those are among the shittiest of the shittiest h.264 encoder.

      You might as well get re-encoded instead if you can’t see the difference.

    • Sumatori-kun says:

      Put up or shut up bitch. If you absolutely have to re-encode, then you’ve either got a shitty computer (e.g. Pentium 4-eta) or rely on shitty hardware-based crap (e.g. WD TV Live, Xtreamer, etc.).

    • oh says:

      Cheap storage? Prices are starting to go down but still way too high for a sane man to go and build a new RAID array, and size is still a problem because seeding larger files isn’t fun and when you have a lot of files even a small reduction per-file can yield a great overall saving and that means you have more space for more important thins, your file system is less inclined to fragment and overall everyone is happier while butthurt bithes are going to butthurt over even the colour of their bits if they have no better target for butthurt.

    • Petrushka says:

      >cheap storage

      160$ for 1.5 TB WDC Green…yes, cheap…..ur ass

  36. conquerstrife says:

    So… 10 bit is really screwing my over. I have to get a new computer anyway… can 10 bit run on those new ultrabooks with ULV core i5 processors with intel graphics? It might be stupid to ask but the fact that 10bit cant run smoothly on my 1 yr old ASUS AMD high powered netbook makes be ask.

    • Petrushka says:

      have u ever tried mplayer2?
      use it as default player for ur ASUS netbook

      > ultrabooks with ULV core i5 processors with intel graphics

      ofc it will be a piece of cake ;)

      • conquerstrife says:

        I can’t seem to figure that mplayer2 out. I’ll just stick to mpc 480p stuff from now on.

        Thanks for the info.

        • basement dad says:

          Whats there to figure out. Download smplayer windows build, install, start. It’s not that hard srsly. A few months ago, when commie started to use 10 bit, i had to clone the newest mplayer2 build from their github repo, because fedora15 didn’t include mplayer2 at that time and compiled it successfully. If people are able to figure that out, you can figure out, how to fucking START mplayer2.

    • basement dad says:

      > It might be stupid to ask but the fact that 10bit cant run smoothly on my 1 yr old ASUS AMD high powered netbook makes be ask.

      Uh, I tried LE on my Asus U1F laptop. It virtually runs flawlessly with mplayer2 (except a few hiccups).
      This laptop is afair 2-3 years old or so. It runs with an Intel core2 1.06Ghz (not 1.60) and a cheapass 945gm chipset. I can’t believe your amd can’t run 10bit.

  37. kenmei says:

    Lol. Usin MPC-HC + K-Lite Codecs solves all ur problems mates. I never had problems with this, i really didn;t even know there are people with problems like that lol. It even works for normal WMP with those codecs. But well, if u’re havin shitty 10year old stuff as ur PC then good luck.

  38. bob says:

    no, lenovo 150Q connected to TV via HDMI can really solve problem of 10 bit(since you can use pretty much any programs). Or models from any other manufacturers with same idea.

    • trololololo says:

      See this guys?

      Even crappy atom could run 10-bit video, if your pc can’t even outdo the fucking atom, time to burn it once and for all.

      • conquerstrife says:

        I can’t stand for this, there’s no way an Atom can run 10-bit and my AMD better netbook cant. Lies!

  39. Anon says:

    My head hurts now

  40. Privacy Matters says:

    Did a quick check on an atom N2?0 + Nvidia ION, smplayer2+mplayer2, the latter as a “rather bleeding edge” build (2-3 days ago?)

    long story short: 10-bit: no can do.

    with vdpau hw video decoding you just get an error, with hw support off the cpu is overwhelmed even at 720p.

    afaik, the cuda trick works either in one of the following 2 ways:
    – you’re still using the on-chip asic for hw video decoding, and then basically you get the same behaviour as vdpau/dxva
    – if you’re not, then you might be able to tap into the gpu resources, but on atom platforms you usually have a simple ION/2 with limited bandwidth (=slow gpu); even if it’s not the case, since sw encoders are thought for low parallelism cpus, it’s not a trivial task to rewrite almost from scratch an h.264 software thing that can actually put the gpu massive parallelism to good use.

    • trololololo says:

      Try using the latest ffdshow build, it’s the fastest 10 bit h.264 decoder currently.

    • this name is required says:

      Of course the hardware decoders that only decode 8-bit H.264 can’t decode 10-bit H.264. (Sounds tautological.)

      As for the rest of your comment, I can’t even parse what you’re saying.


    • Xythar says:

      I’ve had some success using the latest version of CoreAVC on my Aspire Revo (Atom 330 + ION I think), though it still tends to lag a bit in areas of really heavy typesetting. I guess try that if you haven’t?

  41. qman says:

    Any claims of better quality are pretty funny considering your source media is 8bit. Any kind of conversion always ends up with the output being lower quality, however marginal. It may give the illusion of better footage but really, it isn’t. Kind of like those sharp TVS that claim they use a 4th primary color(lol) to make the picture more real.

    • trololololo says:

      This has been discussed several times and apparently you’re dumb enough to ignore all those statement which people who first argued fell silent after being pointed the obvious.

      We’re comparing the END RESULT not vs the source.

      And read those pdf at the top, it might make you a bit more suitable to preserve on humanity gene’s pool.

    • Petrushka says:

      If u don’t know wtf is going on, just shut up. Ur post just makes you like an idiot.

      Encoding technique doesn’t give a fuck about source, even it is 8bit, 10bit, or 9001bit.

      • qman says:

        If you guys really want to jump on the ‘professional’ bandwagon, fine, say hello to BETAMAX for me.
        Will be quite funny when HEVC comes out and you all just switch overnight and leave the fanboys wondering why they can’t get 10 bit encodes. “2 more bits equals 2 more awesome right? right?”

        • trololololo says:

          You’re so butthurt now you quote obsolete unapplicable not-even-close case? and the imaginative codec which is still years away from being feasible (not to mention waiting for project like x264 to mature).

          Cry moar nigger!

          • qman says:

            no, I just didn’t think you deserved a response since you don’t even know the difference between a lossy and lossless codec. Nice to see you’re resorting to racial taunts, whats the matter, know your argument has no base so you need to resorting to name calling.

  42. Lulz says:

    >Petrushka says:

    “If u Don’t know wtf is going on,just shut up. Ur post just makes you like an idiot”

    Holly shit.
    Hello pot this is kettle, you’re black.

  43. Privacy Matters says:

    I guess it really depends on how many cores the atom has (mine is single-core, not so the 330) and the encoded file, plus what one subjectively means to be “bearable” or not.

    to have a clear picture one could use e.g. mplayer2 with “no frame drops” and the null output (I think it’s roughly on par with ffdshow-tryouts latest released, that I’ve been using, actually) with some fixed files at various “typical” bitrates, and compare the performance by the numbers, so that it becomes repeatable.

  44. Privacy Matters says:

    self-correction: this unfortunately take into account only the average performance, not the behaviour under stress.

    one could select a high-bitrate “critical” scene and compare the performance on that specific scene.