Free! 03


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15 Responses to “Free! 03”

  1. Acharon says:

    I knew we were missing something from this show. Glasses moe.

  2. Recently says:

    The little sister is easily saving this show :o.

  3. Sage009 says:

    >Free before Turning Girls

    Herkz a shit.

    • herkz says:

      >implying im going to typeset 100 signs, a lot of which they didn’t translate

      • Leecher971 says:

        Please forgive a moronic leecher such as myself. But, What are these “signs” you speak of?

      • Sage009 says:

        I was just trolling but really?
        Complaining about signs in the same season that you guys decide to do Monogatari?

        • herkz says:

          it has more signs than monogatari

          also it’s just some dumb show i picked up for fun, so i really do not want to spend like 6+ hours typesetting it

  4. Marche says:

    >Milky Holmes


  5. Noriko says:

    Thank you for this weeks Free!

  6. hibari says:

    nasiga is acting more gayer than straight

  7. Orange says:

    Hell yeah, thx for another ep of the FREEDOM MACHINE