Free! Dive to the Future 00

1080p | 720p

Like the filename suggests, this is quite literally episode 0 in that it’s set after Take Your Marks and before episode 1 of the series. It’s not just your usual unrelated (in terms of plot) OVA. Anyway, I won’t be subbing the rest of the BDs since they haven’t been uploaded other than the first Japanese volume, which includes this episode. In fact, the only reason I could even sub this is because Funi started streaming it on their website recently. Even their BD release hasn’t been uploaded. If the BDs ever are, I will of course sub them.

Also, a reminder that this anime is native 1080p, so the 720p release isn’t recommended.

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Free! Take Your Marks

1080p | 720p

Although this was shown in theaters as a movie, both the Japanese and US BD release split it up into episodes like this. Also, this was animated at 1080p, so the 720p release is not recommended unless you have a tiny monitor or something. Lastly, like I said in the blog post for the season 3 batch release, I won’t be working on the BDs for that until Funi releases their BD, which I’d estimate will come out sometime around the end of the year.

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High Speed! Free! Starting Days

1080p | 720p

I guess it’s a good thing I waited for Funi’s BD release, because it looks a lot better. And if you’re wondering, the intended viewing order is the release order, so season 1, season 2, this movie, Take Your Marks, and then season 3. Not very useful if you’ve already watched season 3, but there might be some people who haven’t started the series yet.

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Free! Dive to the Future Batch


i almost certainly won’t be doing the BDs for this show anytime soon for two reason. the first is that the very first BD includes an OVA (episode 0) that i really doubt anyone will want to translate, so i’ll probably just wait for funi to sub it when they release their own BDs. the second is that the japanese BDs will have japanese hardsubs for all the times they speak english in the show, which happens as soon as in episode 1. theoretically i could try to mask those hardsubs with CR’s video or something, but i’m lazy and i’d rather just splice in funi’s video since i’ll have to wait for it anyway for the OVA.

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Free! Dive to the Future 12 END


herkz: rip

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