Free! 10


herkz: episode slightly delayed due to this ^

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22 Responses to “Free! 10”

  1. afdhjash says:

    > buying overpriced plastic toys

  2. stgmefly says:

    Filthy piece of cake

  3. anonymous says:

    >can see her panties


  4. 2ColouredEyes says:

    GSC? can we tease her too? wish that can say ‘Yes!’ >.<

  5. Catastrophe says:

    donation money at work.

    but srsly, awesome fig :o

  6. Peter says:

    What were you doing with this figurine that it caused a delay?

  7. Progeusz says:

    So jelly.

  8. Kiyoso says:

    Will you FrFr?

  9. shyz says:

    >ALL OUT!

    I laughed..

  10. Zet says:

    Which IRC client is that?

  11. Nekomimishinigami says:

    Haha, I just got her too.