Free! Dive to the Future Batch


i almost certainly won’t be doing the BDs for this show anytime soon for two reason. the first is that the very first BD includes an OVA (episode 0) that i really doubt anyone will want to translate, so i’ll probably just wait for funi to sub it when they release their own BDs. the second is that the japanese BDs will have japanese hardsubs for all the times they speak english in the show, which happens as soon as in episode 1. theoretically i could try to mask those hardsubs with CR’s video or something, but i’m lazy and i’d rather just splice in funi’s video since i’ll have to wait for it anyway for the OVA.

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5 Responses to “Free! Dive to the Future Batch”

  1. Uni's Lover says:


  2. Weeb4lyf says:

    My laptop was out of commission this entire summer, so I was glad to see that you guys worked on this show! Keep doing great work guys, I really appreciate all your efforts.

  3. yukarin says:

    Hi! Thanks for great work as usual. Will you be doing both the Timeless Medley as well as the High Speed movie, and maybe the Take Your Marks movie since the Funi BD just came out like a week ago? Of course I know and understand that it might be awhile before someone might upload it but if someone does, will you be doing them?