Free! Eternal Summer 11


the website is somewhat unstable currently but whatever #YOLO

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7 Responses to “Free! Eternal Summer 11”

  1. Netsuki says:

    If I download from alternate sources (mega, XDCC) during the Nyaa outage, will I be able to download the torrent file and verify contents against my download directory so I can seed? I generally try to seed everything I download.

  2. anon says:

    Why can’t I change themes? This JoJo one is shit

    • Joseph Joestar says:

      I’m sorry, can you repeat what you just said? Depending on what you said, I might have to kick your ass!

  3. melloyello says:

    dat torrent link tho

  4. aswik says:

    Can you upload torrent for EP 10? miss it since NT dead

  5. Malific says:

    Commented this on the wrong post earlier, so putting it up here.

    I would like to take this opportunity to point out my disappointment in there not yet being a ‘best boy’ picture for Free! as is done for girls with the harems.

    I consider this a direct assault on my masculinity, that we men not receive the same treatment as women. #Masculism