Ghost in the Shell Arise 01

1080p | 720p

As far as I know, this release does not contain the phrase “go independently,” so you should be fine watching it.

Here’s a patch for the 1080p to fix the broken typesetting for the one sign near the end. Not that important so not going to release the v2 on torrents or anything.

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21 Responses to “Ghost in the Shell Arise 01”

  1. Negro says:

    Thanks a lot

  2. fu says:

    Neither Hi444PP nor Opus? I’m disappointed.

  3. nooooone says:

    I think you fucked up that whole “lolwin8” thing at 48:16.
    Using latest xyVSFilter.

  4. yamyams says:

    dat ED song

  5. Aris Boch says:

    Say, does work correctly on wine?

    • herkz says:

      the patch?

      just install xdelta3 and run the command manually

      • Basement Dad says:

        Herp derp. Using linux (implying computer literacy), and not realizing that there is a linux xdelta build.

        • lae says:

          Using Linux does not imply computer literacy. Just how many grandmas do you think are using Ubuntu?

  6. Aris Boch says:

    Forget it, I installed the Linux version and it worked fine.

  7. bbo says:


    *deletes crapsub*

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      do what now

    • Jing says:

      Yes, I’m sure your personal translation and sub job are much better by comparison to this crap sub. Tell me where may I acquire your copy from?

      • Orcus says:

        Probably from his own arse. Reach in deep.

        • bbo says:

          guys, I load almost everything I want to watch from commie because *quality*

          that’s why I refferred to “that other group”‘s subtitling with crapsubs.

  8. fcmatt says:

    Baby brain Major never having a body is so totally not believable for an insane number of reasons.

    Also, the music sucks… sounds like freaking aku no hana

    At this point IG is gonna have to bust their butts to get me to like this series instead of just a meh.

    • Rawrbmb says:

      Not really a big change, it was always implied that at a very young age she was in a cyberbody. Don’t see why it being a baby or fetus makes any huge difference.

      • bbo says:

        Stand alone complex established she was born normaly and suffered from a fatal nerve or muscle disease that made it necessary to make her a full body cyborg.

        I regard this as an alternate universe, since gits (puppetmaster), gits 2 (innocence), man machine interface (manga) and SAC were believable the same continuum.

        but this motoko is too… hot headed.

        • Musclewizard says:

          SAC and Ghost in the Shell (also Innocence) can’t be in the same continuity because at the end of Ghost in the Shell Motoko merges with the puppet master and leaves her body behind for an existance on the net. Nothing of that sort is even implied in SAC.

          Ghost in the Shell has always had different continuities (Movie, Manga, SAC) and now it’s one more with arise.