Ghost in the Shell Arise 04

1080p | 720p

there will be a batch or something

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10 Responses to “Ghost in the Shell Arise 04”

  1. gamamew says:

    I was waiting for this, thanks so much

  2. beep boop says:

    the 720p version has a problem. will not play in media player classic and when skiped ahead its all green screen and all wonky. Might be me only trying to download the 1080p version to see if same problem.

  3. MEMANIAsama says:

    Any chance of doing the Logicoma Beat mini eps?

  4. animenewbie says:

    Not as excllent as GitS or GitS: SAC or the movies but it’s still… GitS.

    More Monogatari next?

  5. weeby says:

    720p on mplayer ✔

    Thanks for your comprehensive and consistently quality subtitling!