Ghost in the Shell Arise Alternative Architecture BD Volume There is Only One Volume

1080p | 720p

Enjoy you’re bloat. The 1080p has 5.1 audio for those who care.

The new GITS movie comes out at the end of October. I’m sure we’ll sub that too.

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19 Responses to “Ghost in the Shell Arise Alternative Architecture BD Volume There is Only One Volume”

  1. Shirogai says:

    3.8Gb per episode, the bloat is real.

  2. Collectr says:

    When the four movies were finished, there was some allusion to a batch. Any plans for that, or is GITS Arise done?

    • herkz says:

      Funi is finally releasing the dub for the last two movies in about a month, so it’ll be after that.

  3. bbopp says:

    I never really liked arise.
    I know it’s a reimagination, but I still don’t like the new canon.

    • herkz says:

      It’s not. It’s supposed to be before SAC in the timeline or something like that.

      • bbopp says:

        then you haven’t seen SAC.
        In stand alone complex Motoko explained she had a degenatory desease (something like ALS iirc) and needed a full body prothesis at the age of (telling from the anime) around 10.
        In arise, her mother died in a toxic waste accident or terrorist attack and her brain was kept alive in utero by a cyborg with additional life support capability.

        • herkz says:

          I have. And I meant more Arise is apparently supposed to be when she met all of her team members before SAC. Although now that I read more, it’s apparently an alternate timeline.

  4. ACrazyOldMan says:

    “you’re” -> “your”

  5. man00ver says:

    Any plans to finish BDs for Monogatari Second?

    • herkz says:

      The only person who could finish them (well, I guess fnord could if he really wanted to) quit fansubbing and there’s no real way to reason to release them without his TLC, so I would go with no.

      • man00ver says:

        I really enjoyed your script for the series, so I’m sorry to hear that, but thanks for answering. I half-expected it when Tsukimonogatari didn’t appear….

        • herkz says:

          We are subbing Tsuki, though. The translation is nearly finished. Just I somehow doubt fnord wants to go back and finish Monogatari S2 considering how long it took him to do Tsuki with how busy he is.

  6. Android Lolibot says:

    If you want canon, read the manga. Nope, not even Shirow can agree on what’s canon as the franchise has been retconned so many times.

    • Ryoken says:

      They are all different ‘universes’.
      Arise, SAC, the Movies (not counting the SAC movies), none of them fit together, they are all same idea, slightly different origins. Be it how she got her body, how she meet members of the team, etc.
      That said, who cares, it’s good. Personally I loved Arise, even if the specifics differ from how they are laid out in the movie, or in SAC for that matter. I’m out for watching something good, not sitting there with a clipboard looking for things that don’t line up :)

  7. shaddrag says:

    Still planning on doing the new movie, guys? Would be much appreciated.

  8. KannaBlis says:

    Thank You!