Ghost in the Shell The New Movie v2

1080p | 720p

Now with the dub and a signs+songs subtitle track.

The subs are unchanged because no one reported any typos or anything. Also, there will still be a batch/v2 with dubs for Arise sometime when I can get around to it. Unlike this, I actually need to do some work to the subs before I can release that.

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13 Responses to “Ghost in the Shell The New Movie v2”

  1. noko says:

    ewww, dubs

  2. Anonymous says:


    Check ’em.

  3. herql says:

    so, i heard that you will translate The Empire of Corpses movie!
    is that right? i hope so.

  4. shaddrag says:

    Any chance of a patch? Third-world Internet here.

  5. Stasis says:

    Not sure if intentional or not but there is no chaptering?

    Thanks for the great release!

  6. KannaBlis says:

    Thank You, I appreciate the work you all do!

    I Personally love the Commie Subs with Dub. I like options, and I love your sub work.