Girls und Panzer 12 END


(picture unrelated)

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15 Responses to “Girls und Panzer 12 END”

  1. akpends says:

    Let me guess, TS’ing the tablet? That must have been a b*tch. Anyway, thanks guys for the series.

  2. blitz9826 says:

    SPITZE! vielen dank zu die leute auf commie, diese letzte episode macht mir zehr froh!

    i suck at german stfu. but yeah thanks!


  3. Hadena says:

    Took you fags long enough.

  4. Hecaton says:

    Panzer Vor/10

  5. alesandre says:

    Commie, how about BD SP and OVA?

  6. thanks says:

    watched with teary eyes literally


  7. Psyme says:

    What the hell is that picture of? I saw it at gg as well.

  8. lolwat says:

    CLG logo wat

  9. Aerials says:

    gg looks less sturdy. guy next to him must be aphromoo