Girls und Panzer 1v3 + 2



As per popular demand, there are now two sub tracks you may pick from in the same file.

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  1. Juular says:

    The German pleases me.

  2. Elite_Soba says:

    Mein gott! Danke, mein Freund!

  3. Furd says:

    Thanks for putting in the extra effort.

  4. longhaul says:

    this will please all sides

  5. Godcore says:

    Why not just a patch for episode 01? New encode?

  6. Qwert says:

    Does one of the versions have the shitty german shoehorned into the dialogue removed?

  7. Zerio says:

    I’m neither annoyed nor happy with the German sub. Even though I don’t understand the german words, I understand the japanese, so it doesn’t matter. But can you tell me why do you put german words in the first place?

    • wohdin says:



      • Zerio says:

        So what? I think the only german word in the title is “panzer” (because the “und” written as “&”)
        Like I said, I don’t have any problem with that, you don’t have to SHOUT at me. I’m just interested in why Commie, whose “primary purpose is to provide the best translated English subtitles,” combines English and German in this anime. Maybe because of troll, try to be different, or maybe there is a secret meaning behind that.

    • Kanoto says:

      four ze kaizer ov korz

      it’s funny though. The only thing remotely german in this anime are certain models of tanks and that eagle officer hat. well, and the uniforms too.

    • Orcus says:

      The real reason is because the show is terrible and the translator wants to try and improve it. And he does. My opinion is the only one that matters.

  8. Xythar says:

    If you use the second track for these, you are objectively a terrible person.

  9. simulation90 says:

    Commie listening to popular demand? What universe is this?

    • Kanoto says:

      we’ve already breached the altverse by having a post that had more than 200 replies on it, when it’s usually a trickle

      • johnny_dickpants says:

        Well, the 2 tracks thing would have happened either way since rhe wasn’t too keen on the whole german thing.

  10. Zero-chan says:

    No patch for Episode 1 v2?

    • Someoneelse says:

      If you REALLY can’t spare the bandwidth to redown the file for the third time, then just use mkvckeaver to rip the subs out of v1 and mkvtoolnix to add them to the v2 container and there you have your own custom homemade v3… I did essentially this with the terrible mess that was Rinne de LaGrange and you know what, I survived!

      FFS I remember the days when storage was so expensive, you basically had to run your own re-encode just to be able to store more than a few seasons on disk… i put more cpu cycles into avidemux, mkvtoolnix, aegissub, and virtualdub than I care to consider… (grumble) newbies, pansies, the lot of them, I tells ya…(/grumble)

  11. Fadeway says:


  12. Panzer says:

    I think 01v3 has two copies of the same sub track.

  13. deLuther says:

    Information about StuG III is completely nonsense. Winter War (Talvisota) took place in 1939, StuG III come into service from 1940, and Nazies were alies of Soviet Union in 1939. So no way… Another business about Continuation War (Jatkosota) drom 1941, there was StuGs at service.

  14. hehahohee says:

    I actually like the random German. It adds to the wtf theme of this show, because seriously guys just take the show for what it is. One big WTF.

    • Kanoto says:

      the whole gigantic pseudo-aircraft carrier with a town and a gahdaemn forest on it is itself wtf. moar german is not even enough :D

  15. Quikbeam says:

    Thanks for adding the second track. Translating the Japanese to English and only using the German when it was used on the show was exactly what I was hoping for.

  16. Jessy says:

    I’m German and I love your subs! Please keep this up, you have my support. Ihr seid spitze ^_^

  17. Raziël says:

    why use random German words, when it’s not even spoken.

    “this tyranny is beyond Hitler”……… really?

    what’s next, one of the girls say something like “good luck with work”
    and you translate somewhere along the lines “ARBEIT MACH FREI”.

  18. Raziël says:

    why use random German words, when it’s not even spoken.

    “this tyranny is beyond Hitler”……… really?

    what’s next, one of the girls say something like “good luck with work”
    and you translate somewhere along the lines “ARBEIT MACH FREI”.

  19. aheron says:

    thank you for the Krautified-Subs. They make me feel all warm inside.

  20. Qwert says:

    One does have the ability to read. One notices that with v1 and v2 you had the options of “more german” and “less german”.

    One does not notice any mention if v3 is “no german”.

    • Kanoto says:

      v3 is probably a combined version, wherein the single file has two sub tracks (ie. selectable via sub options depending on your player).
      just like version 2, which has the Ubermensch track as default, and the No Fun Allowed alternate sub track choosable (via r-clicking the Haali Media Splitter if you’re using MPC for example)

  21. Qwert says:

    What show are you watching?

    Throughout the episode there are instances of clearly japanese dialogue which instead of being translated as it is is rather translated into confusing German.

  22. austria_anon says:

    needs even more german. there’s no other way to make this shitty show a bit more interesting.

  23. ExplodingLemons says:

    I see what you are doing here, trying to please everyone before you put the entire next episode into German gibberish. Please do that, it would be funny as hell.

  24. hotty says:

    I’m german and i hate the randomly added germen in the subs, cause most of the time the translation is just terrible.
    Yeah, I know, if i don’t like the german, I can just switch to english only subs, but what boggles my mind is the incompetence to ask in IRC “we need a german, who can help us translate some words?”. It’s just unbelievable stupid for a fansubbing group, who subbes 5 animes / season and delivers good translations in a timely matter, to use what it seems to be Google Translator wihtout editing and qcing. “lebendig” for lively? “Schlampe” for popular girl? WTF?!

    For me as a german this either a troll or just lazy. And either of them is just plain stupid. If the anime is unsing german in a stupid effect, fine. Lazy bastards. But a fansubbing group with an international fanbase, adding some random german, should and could do better.

    Sorry, i had to rant. And now haters, come at me!

    • RHExcelion says:

      You’re funny, because a native German is translating it. You’re also funny, because we sub way more than 5 anime a season. Very funny, funny guy.

    • kanoto says:

      I’m pretty sure semantically accurate german isn’t really the point, but more of “this show sucks. let’s put some random Scheiße to make subbing it tolerable” :D

      not that I don’t actually enjoy this show for what it is. I just imagine it as an altverse where historically horse archery was “womanly” (*cough* Parthians *cough*), and it naturally evolved to such that tank warfare is a woman’s field, while rank-and-file infantry is the man’s field (although that whole expecting-a-man-as-a-tank-instructor thing throws that off a bit)

  25. Sherp says:

    Thank you for subbing this and making “normal” subs too :)

  26. Kammerj4ger says:

    Thx for subbing, thx for the 2 subtracks and thanks for all the fish :D. Good job guys, keep going!

  27. crimso says:

    The announcement at the beginning of episode 2 really cracked me up.

    BTW, it’s “Reichsminister” without the H after the leading R.

  28. Durahl says:

    I’m curious how you decided to do this translation? Roll a pair of dices to decide which word/sentence is beeing translated into german?

    I probably wouldn’t even mind it if there would be a german speaking character in it but there’s also the problem of the translation itself is totally whacked, partially because of this unnecessary double translation:

    At 04:36 “Well then, Panzer vor!” – “Pants are for what?” – “Panzer vor means Panzer vor.”

    THERE was your chance to make propper use of a german translation in this Episode and whover did that part just messed it up big.

    That’s like having an Anime with actual German content ( old NGE Series ) in it beeing dubbed into German.

    The joke from the original is lost because of the necessary tranlsation for the German audience.

    But here… We’re dealing with unnecessary translation because of boredom or to spice it up? WUT?

    I already mentioned it in the last EP Comments:
    “Thanks for the effort but no.”
    For this series I’ll stick with another group even if it takes them another day to finish it.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Oh look another one that doesn’t understand what “there’s a second track” means.

  29. silverthorne says:

    so what are the two tracks?

    lots of german and a lttle germen like last time?

  30. erejnion says:

    ;_; no SeiZon in sight

    there is not even a raw, as nico has blocked us…

  31. Nuserame says:

    Not a single soviet tank?
    Historic grievance much hehe.

  32. Renim says:

    Thank you very much for the sub, though you kind of ruined the misunderstanding between Kadotani Anzu and Takebe Saori by putting in “She really is” at 2:40. There wasn’t anything to indicate the instructor’s gender, and Saori ended up believing that their instructor would be a cool male instructor (why her motivation goes up). That’s why she is annoyed later on when the instructor turns out to be female.

  33. Panzer überall says:

    >no more ‘I’m a little Schlampe’

    >no more ‘Der Herrgott sei gelobt’

    v3 ist enttäuschend.

  34. Panzer überall says:

    >no more ‘I’m a little Schlampe’
    >no more ‘Der Herrgott sei gelobt’

    v3 ist enttäuschend.

  35. anon says:

    thank you for the no fun allowed subs

  36. Gattix says:

    Ihr Bauern!

    Magnificent. Just… magnificent. Your German translating this isn’t Bavarian, by any chance?

  37. Doogie says:

    Someone needs to turn 12:46 – 12:50 into a gif.


  38. Choco-chan says:

    Say what you want, I thought the German words were a nice and funny detail. Still do. XD

  39. anon666 says:

    ep 1, sign at 14:56 長刀道 is “naginata” (a spear), not “long sword”.

    ep 2, 21:07 “saying thanks”:
    Umm, no. In context of martial arts 礼 means “etiquette”, as in bow of respect (to the opponent, etc).

  40. Tiger says:

    Thanks for providing some normal subs. As ‘wacky and hilarious’ as the german was, i’m glad you guys listen to the masses.

  41. shitsux says:

    >Panzer vor means Panzer vor.

    No fun allowed indeed.

  42. yayay says:

    So many fuckin cool long story here, plz make the lovely engrish is default track for next episodes.

  43. ogamizw says:

    Ep 2
    sugoi desu ne~ -> Alter Schwede!

    I rofl’d so hard I had to pause the ep ^^ Thx for making a shitty show into a nice comedy.
    I’m waiting for more Übermensch subs

    btw. die altdeutsche Typo fürs Karaoke ist goil ^^

  44. Gert says:

    Macht mal bitte die komplette Serie mit deutschen Untertitel. ;D

  45. MasterMeNL says:

    Without the random German words (I’m Dutch btw) I would’ve instantly dropped this show.
    This makes is pretty funny.

  46. PomPom says:

    This is pretty cool guys, you’re one of the few groups that do this.

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  48. Wild Goose says:

    I actually don’t really mind the German – I watch both Ubermensch and No Fun Allowed tracks, first for fun and 2nd for greater understanding.

    That said, you guys missed a small thing in Episode 2; the instructor is introduced as “Chouno Ami-ichii”. Ichii is JGSDF shorthand for “Itto-kuni”, which is what other armies would call a Captain. Also, note the uniform style she wears, which strongly resembles JGSDF Service Dress.

  49. Monni says:

    Who ever you are (the author of the half-german subs)I give you my vote for presidency of everything.

    I must say, that normally I simply cant stand anime. People who take the anime fan-dom to extremes repulse me. That might tell more about me than the pop cult, but I must underline this fact – as I found the Girls und Panzer episodes on youtube extremely awesome. I am somewhat a changed man.

    For those of you not liking the subs you can complain to me. On your knees. While unzipping my pants. Bitches.

  50. Tanks for the mammaries says:

    The series’ creators have missed a trick here, re. fanservice: Girls und PANTzer.