Girls und Panzer 5

Girls und Panzer 5

For people who don’t get jokes:

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  1. Catastrophe says:


  2. Obligatory Troll says:

    I dislike fun in all forms and lack intelligence to find the alternate subtitle option. Please mock my impotent rage.

  3. elfdrow says:

    the newbies vs burning graves

    who will win?

  4. nipah! says:

    the fun subs are fine^^ keep them!

    btw around 21:44 where the sherman crew shouted; I think she meant “Jesus” instead of “Caesar”

    • flossifer says:

      “Caesar” or “Jesus”?: The tank-killer that took them out in previous episodes had written under their muzzle “Veni. Vidi.Vici.” And the image of a golden eagle. I never saw the front during this episode or after the color change, but it couldn’t be a co-incidence: “I came. I saw. I conquered.” Caesar’s famous quotation with the symbol of his Roman legions underneath. And as they attack, a girl cries out “Kaiser!” (well, why not?)

  5. Djb says:

    I am really in love with this one, even if it has a kind of strange pace (imo). I also enjoy your unique subtitle style, even if the series itself kinda lacks a connection to german besides the title. Thanks for doing this series!

  6. AnnoNym says:

    Nice work.

    But I think you need an German ED/QC.
    (Or an better dictionary)

    There are some little misstakes ;)

    For example:

    Donnerlüttchen -> Donnerlittchen / Wahnsinn…

    folge fünf-Einhalb -> Folge fünfeinhalb

    (Sorry English isn’t my mother tongue)

    • herkz says:

      our resident german went to sleep right after he finished translating so he didn’t have time to check

      can’t be helped

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      fnord intentionally dicks up the german to make it easier for non-speakers to “get”.

    • DBS says:

      Actually “Donnerlüttchen” passes, since depending on where you are in Germany the people know it that way. I think even the Duden should list it as alternative to Donnerlittchen but both are not much worse than a typo which will occur sooner or later ^^

      And Thanks for your work Commie!

  7. cock says:


    Get your faggotry straight, Commie.

  8. thatonequote says:

    “Our country has everything.”
    “Even a hotline to hell?”

    Does anyone know what story the British chick was referencing? It occurs at 17:25 into the episode.

    • jousha says:

      I was looking that up forever, and couldn’t find a word on it. All I turn up is Gintama fanfics

    • flossifer says:

      She begins by saying “Do you know this joke?” Is there some Japanese pun or play on words? It’s not a joke as translated.

      It made me think of the Hell Girl website. (Jigoku Shoujo)

    • Prez says:

      It’s just Darjeelin’s thing…saying badass quotes.

  9. flossifer says:

    Every week when I watch this show I can’t help but think our western high school girls have let us down compared to the east in terms of having any useful knowledge of tank warfare and military history. Our last line of defense will have to be our bullies and delinquents instead. (But we –er, I mean, “they”, can be pretty nasty. So the system works, more or less.)

  10. Progeusz says:

    I might even start to love this delicious Saki of Tanks.

  11. foxxl says:

    I wonder who else got the “Sergeant Oddball” reference to Sutherlands Character in “Kelly’s Heroes”.

    That’s why our local Oddball got caught immediatly ;)