Girls und Panzer 6


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12 Responses to “Girls und Panzer 6”

  1. Catastrophe says:

    How do you say “FUCK YEAH” (or equivalent) in german?

  2. Ron says:

    As German I would say that is hard to translate directly. It depends more on the circumstances which phrase should be used to lose not the sense.

    “Verdammt, ja!”
    “Jetzt erst recht!”


    The google translate shit has a completely different (and sexually) meaning.

  3. miau says:

    ich kann dazu masturbieren

  4. CaeX says:

    Are the subtitle tracks labeled wrong? I’m on the German one and I’m like 8 minutes in and not a single German word that I can remember. I want to play Panzer on hard mode, damnit

  5. bernd says:

    “Fick Ja!” would it be.

    LG Bernd