Girls und Panzer 7




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  1. Petrushka says:

    What a great Tuesday….

  2. bixus says:

    Thanks! Also will you guys be doing Acchi Kocchi, Episode #13 Special, or I’m guessing you never want to see that show ever again due to the typesetting l0l.

    • herkz says:

      [00:09:22] <&Xythar|work> btw reanimated my download of ak vol6 finished today
      [00:09:26] <&Xythar|work> so i’ll encode ep13 when i get home
      [00:09:32] <&Xythar|work> and edit the signs
      [00:09:35] <&reanimated> cool

  3. Sora says:

    pertamax, thanks so much guys~ :)

  4. Dailydose says:

    A Glorious Deutsche Frauleins und Panzer Sub!

    Others may have streamed the episode a couple hours a go, but I held out until you guys released. The amount of work you guys put in in type-setting is simply amazing: unbeaten by any other GuP subs.

    I also held out because I appreciate the Commie Aryan track. It mixes well with the Panzer theme, and it is always nice to pick up fragmentary German for party humour.

    Thank you very much for all your hard work!

  5. Progeusz says:

    >Cool story

    drop that shit

    Thanks for glorious German subs.

  6. Yomero says:

    Yes Aryan track is fun, but I think you guys put too much effort into it and completely ignore doing a decent translation and QC.

    Four episodes later, your translators finally realized that Saori calls Miho by the nick Miporin but not Yukari’s Yukarin.

    Also at 2:56 if Mako’s grandma is pointing out that her friends came to visit out of concern about Mako, why did you wrote Grandma: “Then thank me properly”. Shouldn’t she say “Then thank your friends properly”?

    And at 13:14 Saori didn’t say it was the most exhausting day, but she lost weight (痩せたよ) since starting, followed by Mako’s commenting on her improving blood pressure.

  7. Zannafar says:

    Thanks for the subs.

    I know this a weird thing to notice this late in the series, but might Caesars name actually be wrong? Yukari calls her Kaiser-dono at 20:50.

  8. Zannafar says:

    I guess it was just japanese pronounciation that made me sound like Kaiser. Read her profile and Caesar does make sense.

    • skyleo says:

      Well, actually Kaiser is pronounced like Caesar. Most people don’t know this because they speak Caesar with an accent. If you’d speak it like it should be in latin it sounds like Kaiser.

  9. MacKnight says:

    ooooh?! they found a Tiger 1 ?!

    • foxxl says:

      actually it looks more like the Tiger Porsche Prototype (“Tiger P” for short), most of them got converted to the tank destroyer “elefant” (or “ferdinand” in WoT)
      The Tank officially named Tiger was based on the Henschel Prototype.

      Why TigerP?
      – Turret with commanders cupola fits
      – the Chassis points left, with a round weld seam on the left side
      – left of it, 2 hooks for the tow rope can be seen.

  10. Keiichi says:

    Hmmm . . . this is supposed to be German culture ? There is much more to germany than just the part in the south of the “Weisswurstäquator” . . .

    Unrelated: Did you know that the american M1 Abrams Tank runs around with the same cannon as the german Leopard Panzer (since ’84, built in the US under license of Rheinmetall)?

  11. Anne Onymous says:

    I’m german and I like neither.

    • Progeusz says:

      Are you sure you aren’t immigrant from Turkey?

      • bbo says:

        my father’s bloodline and my surname traces back to a lord who got his title directly from Karl der Große, and I still don’t like the arischen track (track = pronounced dreck = dirt).

      • Fou says:

        yeah right “Anne Onymous” sounds like a turk lol also most beer taste like shit.

  12. slainwell says:

    German culture is more about Brezeln and beer, its more beer with less brezeln.
    We can drink anybody into the ground ;-)

  13. Djb says:

    I am german, and i like both.

  14. M1neRunn3r says:

    Thats not german culture thats the culchure of Bayern. Typical case of generalization. I am from Germany thats why I know this for sure.

    • Kyhz says:

      Yeah, you wouldn’t want to confuse Bayern as a part of Germany or anything.

      • Gattix says:

        I am Bavarian and want to point out that this guy is right, we don’t want to be mistank … mistaken for Germans.

    • Rastaman says:

      Was ist den schlimm an Brezeln und Bier? von mir aus sollen die ruhig glauben das alle Deutschen darauf stehen :3

  15. Fsfrk says:

    American culture: McDonalds

  16. Patrick Stewart says:

    I am German heritage and I approve this message. Also.. beer.

  17. Arian says:

    Naja, wenn die Deutschen dank Mc Dons alles über die Amis wissen, wieso nicht auch umgekehrt?

    Nebenbei bemerkt bevorzuge ich meine Brezeln mit weniger Salz…

    Auf Wiedersehen.
    Äh, Moment, ich will die nicht-deutschen Leser ja nicht enttäuschen. Also:
    Sieg Heil!

    • anonman says:

      google trans says:
      Well, if the Germans thanks to Mc Don’s all about the Yanks know why not vice versa?
      Incidentally, I prefer my pretzels with less salt …
      Uh, wait, I want the non-German readers not disappoint yes. so:
      Hail victory!

      it so funny it actually sounds like many fansubs out there

  18. fagbot says:

    I wish I had some “Brezeln mit weniger Salz” when I went to Bayern last year. The Salz on mine was the size of rocks.

    Also German Culture:
    The benefit of 1/5L pints and an accepted seasonal drinking culture makes for more drunk women during the festivities.