Girls und Swagger 08


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37 Responses to “Girls und Swagger 08”

  1. Dolores Umbridge says:

    Marry me.

  2. CaeX says:


  3. R says:

    so #based

  4. wohdin says:

    #Swag und Panzer

  5. piisawheel says:

    Swag Und Panzer ^__i_^

  6. Longhaul says:

    “goose team”

    uh, well I suppose that is simpler than differentiating between types of ducks

  7. Leguna says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people. “Swagging” all the time :))

  8. Anonyneko says:

    And here I am, trying to avoid russian subtitles for most of my life…

    Granted, I fell laughing pretty fast.

    Great job guys, seriously, great job.

  9. stgmefly says:

    If this continues long enough you should title your SAO release as “Swag Art Online” just to be ghey like this

  10. fag says:

    should’ve kept the “Nuts!” line since it was a reference

  11. taz says:

    Too much swag.

  12. Djb says:

    Thank you!
    Meine wöchentliche Dosis deutschen Swags~ (^v^)

  13. pongo says:

    Miho really needs to carry a swagger stick. It would make my life complete.

  14. Chen says:

    You guys made an error in your subs. In ep 8.
    “what a nut job” is not = “nuts”
    Its a history wank of Adolf Hitler sending his ask for the Americans to surrender during WW2.FDR responds with “Nuts”.
    There was a reason she said that in plain english.

  15. Reso says:

    I wanna tell you guys that I love the Russian language, that i’m still playing with Aegis, and fuck the holiday season.

  16. Guest says:

    Thank you. Swaggers

  17. BigBody says:

    Total Swagclipse where?

  18. Blasterion says:


  19. Petrushka says:


  20. Blasterion says:

    Katyusha song was the best

  21. Ribbit says:

    The gernan Tanks in the series need some swagstika on it !

  22. foxxl says:

    No, they don’t.

  23. Croos says:

    you guys need to put Katyusha as your theme on the next GuP post. :D

  24. Russianfag says:

    2:02 “potato cake” sounds like it is a cake made of potato, which it is not.
    10:05 Katyusha doesn’t thank heroes for a pie, she calls them pies.

    Nevermind, what you did with the song is fabulous.

  25. Jumendez says:

    Which one of you fucks wrote this on the Wikipedia for Katyusha: