Guilty Crown 22 [END]




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91 Responses to “Guilty Crown 22 [END]”

  1. Tsunderella says:

    i cant believe commie stuck with this shit hole to the end.
    though i only watched the 1st episode and dropped it without a second thought
    but i can imagine how shitty it was from the comments

  2. LARGE FAGET says:

    Batch, when?

  3. Mess says:

    Well until the very end, it was quite good. I was wondering if it’ll end like code geas with shu as martyr-san…
    Well, the end was pretty crappy…

  4. Requiem says:

    I like this Anime. But the ending suck

  5. clicks says:

    Weird, I thought most of the show was mediocre but the ending was decent-ish.

    Tripe like Code Geass gets HUGE fan praise when it was just Gundam Seed duck taped to Death Note, yet this gets crapped on for being too cliched (like 95% of Anime). I thought the quality somewhat balanced out everything else to make for a good time waster like a summer action flick, and the happy ending wraps things up nicely (unlike a certain game).

  6. Mikan says:

    Will Lost Christmas be subbed?