Guilty Crown 22 [END]




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  1. Dgdg says:

    I shall finally drop this series. Thanks all.

    • NIn says:

      “I-I didn’t really watch the series all the way to the end, y-you know? I was just waiting for the last episode to drop it!”

    • oh rly says:

      wow.. that was a good idea.

      watch the entire episode and check commie every fuckin time so you can watch as quickly as possible .. so you just can drop it..

      i dunno are you a bigfat liar or a tsun-dere..

  2. newfriend says:


  3. Asakura says:

    Thank you very much :3

    (537mb? Damn.. xD)

  4. Rekyuke says:

    this serie started good, then became shit, and then ended in the between… meh I was expecting more.

  5. macxxx007 says:

    So I can drop it… LIKE A BOSS!

    Thanks for working on this show… WAY TO FAIL AT MAKING A CODE GEASS RIPOFF, NOITAMINA!

    Shuu… it’s amazing you weren’t “taken out” sooner

    Thanks again for the episode and please have a good weekend!

  6. Noise says:

    Well this is finally over. Was an entertaining wreck at least.

  7. Hemz says:

    Greatest love story ever told.

  8. AkaiZagreus says:

    What Dgdg says

  9. NBI says:

    Thank you, minna-san!

  10. Airenheart says:

    Thank you so much Commie for subbing this series. :)

  11. Alex says:

    Thanks, let’s see how this anime ends.

  12. Blu says:

    Watching the entire series isn’t dropping it…

    Anyways thanks for the episode about to watch it in a few minutes hopefully it doesn’t end too badly.

  13. Linkmstr says:

    “Better love story than Twilight.”

  14. bluewaff says:

    loled @ automail-Shoe

  15. loghain says:

    still better love story than twilight

  16. vivant says:

    finally, it ends!
    thank you so much for doing (and not dropping) this show =D

  17. 68 says:

    I don’t understand why people hated this series. Sure it didn’t blow my fucking mind away, if nothing else the animation and style of art was excellent, and at least was better than some shows that trade animation quality for the feel of “intense battles”. “One more thing” To say that this is a code geass rip off you need to watch code geass again.

    by the way did i say thanks for the show!

  18. GX-9901 says:

    thanks for seeing this through till the end commie.

  19. GC-finallyover says:

    thx for the hard work ,as always.

    i’m just glad this friggin pile of shit is finally over:

    Artwork – 9
    Music: 9
    Character/character development -1

    if you are looking for good, rational plot with well thought out characters, guilty crown is not the right anime for you.

    • Huh says:

      could not have said it better myself, GC-finallyover.

      thanks for the release and sticking with it til the end. I just can’t believe how misleading the first two episodes and the er….14-17th? eps were.

      One thing I don’t understand though is how did that guy manage to take out ALL those mechas with that big-ass gun and why didn’t he do that earlier? And beret guy’s sacrifice was not only unnecessary, it was also extremely pointless unless they’re planning to release an OVA or a special or something =_=

      • gravvy says:

        It was a rather impressive looking gun.
        The whole thing was just full of clichés. When Inori showed up for school,I facepalmed. Self-indulgent is a good way to describe the series.
        They guy who did the character design actually has some nice stuff up on deviantart. Blame IG.

  20. Classydark says:

    @GC-finallyover The artwork was good = = the rest is right

  21. Requiem says:

    are there gonna be a batch?

  22. Code GayAss is for Fags says:

    This show’s 100x better than GayAss. If you want fagulous character designs just looke at who did CG char design? (Hint: same guys who did CC Sakura) Oh yess, GC is CG in reverse. So? That’s part of the joke. Anyone who didn’t see that coming must be as stupid as LeDouche.

  23. Wolf says:

    Man this series went to shit. A nice shit ending to go with it. I should have dropped it long time ago.

  24. tome7 says:

    thanks for subbing!!

  25. Allorin says:

    Haters gonna hate. Thanks, Commie, for subbing it.

  26. Lier says:

    Will there be a batch?

  27. oBb says:

    Tried it for the fanservice and mecha, stayed for the rest.

  28. Beckett says:

    Woot. Now that it’s over this can officially begin it’s reign as the worst anime I ever saw through to the end, finally toppling the 2003 shitheap Avenger. Avenger, you had a good run, 8 and a half years is not bad. Maybe in another 8.5 something even worse than this will come out but them’s some big shoes to fill.

  29. kururu says:

    the ending is better if there is no few years later

  30. wellthar says:


  31. Lelouch says:

    The thing is IF they made a halfway decent Code Geass clone it would have been a lot better than the actual show.

    • synd says:

      I find it seriously disturbing that you’re like the 4th person that compares Guilty Crown with Code Geass, on top of that you name yourself Lelouch.
      Dude, seriously, did you watch Code Geass?

  32. Gahh says:

    Thanks! Btw, Anyone have a link to Spring Lineup? I seen commie’s list and V1 of the Spring Lineup, Is there a V2 out there yet? Or is V1 good enough to go off of.

  33. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thanks for this excellent series, guys!

  34. Fag It says:

    537MB, wut happened to the magic of 10bit? Oh well, can’t complain because you guys did an excellent job on this show. Thanks for :quality:

  35. RenKa says:

    Thanks, good trad, but awful anime. That’s too bad, it was a promising project from I.G., with a big organisation, but fail again (Code Geass is worse and I don’t see the comparison).

  36. Rust says:

    537MB,. lol 3 eps in one.

  37. unknown2 says:

    the fuck i dont want season 2,i dont want they all to suffer anymore,let just end it there,inori,mana not sppose to exist or there will be another virus

  38. AMg says:

    Very meh ending and I find that they cut many corners to meet the 22 deadline. Could be a little bit better if they stick with 24-episode format.

    Yeah, the “A FEW YEARS LATER” tactic fail miserably. And, they decided to keep him alive with two disabilities (I’m still trying figure out how he up with another one).

    Ok, let me summarize the main selling points:
    1) redjuice
    2) ryo/supercell
    3) Production I.G.
    4) high school drama in post- apocalyptic setting with (like they say in tvtrope) Humongous Mecha. Sounded familiar?
    5) It came from outer SPAAAACE!
    6) Hiroyuki Sawano (at least the OST good but not as good as his work in Gundam UC Unicorn. Too much Engrish!)

    Thank you and good night!

    • AMg says:

      The epilogue… They are celebrating “her” birthday. I hope it will not turn into Another twist. O_o;

    • Asakura says:

      Uhh.. When Inori said “Take it” and he took it they pretty much “exchanged” their fates. You can view those wool stings or whatever they are as “threads of fate”.

      So Inori took all the Voids and so on and traded it with Shu for her blindness. That’s also the reason why she died and he lives as a blind man.

      I hope I got it somehow a bit right.

  39. Z010 says:

    Thanks Commie for subbing this to the end.

    I could tell they were compressing this badly which took its toll on the plot. The OST was good though.

  40. higashi says:

    i watched Code Geass and i wouldn’t say that Guilty Crown is a got it own plot although it rush a bit at the ending..anyway thanks Commie for subbing this…lastly haters gonna hate

  41. Uku says:

    Thank You Commie for this great anime, good work ;]

  42. belija says:

    well, its over. thanks for the subs.

    End is a tad bit disappointing, would have made more sense if Shu and Inori died together. Both of them got to that point of “HE/SHE IS EVERYTHING I NEED!”, him sitting there and listening to music and being “happy” feels kinda wrong.

  43. Progeusz says:

    Art – 10+
    Music – 8
    Plot – impossible to measure, below zero for sure.
    Thanks for all those 22 episodes I could drop countless times.
    One hell of a ride. Shit was enjoyable but remained shit till the very end. I just hope there’ll be no season 2, because I know I would watch it for completion sake.

  44. Recently says:

    The few people that said this was better than Code Geass are batshit insane.

    Even if you didn’t like Geass, its not possible to like this show more than Geass, unless your skull was actually replaced with a jar of pudding.

    I’ll give GC credit though, they at least made the first episode look good.

    • Asakura says:

      Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.

      And well.. in my opinion I like GC more than CG =/

  45. M. Norris says:

    I have to agree with the masses. The ending sucked, not that Commie had anything to do with it, you guys did a great job with the show, thanks for sticking with it. The ending should have been either of them living or either of them dying. Only Shu living is the worst possible fate of all. Having to find a way to get out of bed knowing that your greatest love died to save you… No thanks…

  46. storrm says:

    well i was hoping he would die like a bad ass, save the world, store all of the memory’s of every one who died from crystal cancer and ever one with a void and just liv forever with Inori in the crystal. but no; you can’t kill the main :/ even if you can kill every one ells off just for the hell of it, really now take a page from game of thrones if the main is up shit river he die’s like a man.

    • AMg says:

      If Shu was blind after undoing the effect of the Apocalypse Virus (both the crystal infection and the Void)and send it back to space, how was he manage to escape the collapse of the Ward 24 in the first place?

      Disney death play a large part on this. <_<

      • Asakura says:

        He got saved by Inori. Simple explanation. (Please don’t ask me how, as I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE whatsoever)

  47. 777 says:

    To all those complaining:

    I watch this. For the Plot.

  48. SHOE~ says:

    46k downloads? Jesus christ lots of people dropped this show!