.hack⁄⁄Sekai no Mukou ni

.hack⁄⁄Sekai no Mukou ni
1080p |720p

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24 Responses to “.hack⁄⁄Sekai no Mukou ni”

  1. Powerfred says:

    Yaynesses! :)

  2. Solaristics says:


  3. PaulNamida says:

    Hmm… I’ve never watched any of the .hack series, do I need to watch something before this movie?? or is it a stand-alone

  4. Solaristics says:

    Stand alone, I believe. None of the characters were related to previous ones..and its listed under “Other” ON MAL

  5. Hayate says:


  6. Awchie says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Awchie says:

    I can’t download the file it does not show up on bit lord.

  8. Destroyer says:

    zomg 1080p my eyes exploded so preety thx for the release

  9. Alexeon says:

    Awesome release! I was not expecting this. Too bad I have to wait until after work tomorrow to watch it as its pretty late right now.

    (Windows doesn’t seem to like slashes in file paths… just saying.)

  10. Emophia says:

    Worth getting in 1080p?

  11. Aerials says:

    I never thought you were gonna do this O_o
    Now I’ll rewatch with ze subs!

  12. Catastrophe says:

    ZA WARUDO!!!!

  13. 1 says:

    Anyone remember when luperry did all the .hack back in the day?

  14. Uldi says:

    Damn, the visuals are great. Gramps is pretty damn funny. Nice bit of newbie humor, and the following fight scene was pretty awesome.

    Only one problem. And it’s a massive one: It’s going to make me play the games all over again… Which would be the 8th complete playthrough for R1 and my 5th for R2. Damn it.

  15. spfleet says:

    this is a bit late, but…
    any1 knows who sings the song that starts at 1:40:30 into the movie?
    I found out the song name is tsunagaru sekai, but i don’t know who the artist is :(

    • Haidaraaaaa! says:

      This may or may not help. However my flac metadata says “Tomoyo Mitani (三谷 朋世)”

      It also says “Lyrics & Arranged: Chikayo Fukuda (福田 考代)”

  16. Solaristics says:

    Not like it’s going to be fixed, but I’ll just note that
    16:42 and 16:45, they both have stubbornness spelled sturbborness

  17. XerBlade says:

    Um… just thought I’d point out that the 720p is actually more like 536p and the 1080p is actually more like 800p (not to mention you kinda need a 16:9 aspect ratio before those terms are officially supposed to be used anyway). The number is technically supposed to represent the number of horizontal lines. Using the 1280 width that would normally go with a height of 720 in a 16:9 aspect ratio does not make it 720p. So… yeah. Just thought I’d be randomly anal and throw that out there for no real reason.