So like…I messed up uploading to NT and now TT won’t let me reupload the torrent since it’s already on TT. What a stupid system.


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69 Responses to “HSOTD 2”

  1. DarkChaplain says:

    …you know, while you’re complaining, you could have downloaded it from one other group…..

  2. faggot says:

    Comon, where’s the v2?

  3. wow says:

    wow audio sync fail.

  4. IGChris says:

    We were going to release a v2 like 12 hours ago, but the encoder went to sleep after passing on the “fixed” encode for QC.

    Unfortunately, the encode we were going to use for the v2 had a pretty big error too, so it’s delayed until he gets back online and fixes the encode.

    • JaySee says:

      Thanks for the update! Looking forward to V2.

    • Somebody says:

      Thanks. I’m really glad since I like your TL and editing way more than CoalGuys’ and I wouldn’t know what to if you didn’t release the v2. So thanks again!

  5. im gay says:

    theres no sync issue. get a less shit computer.

  6. df says:

    What a fucking joke ,horrible audio and sub sync issues .You shouldn’t have even released it like that

  7. Espada says:

    heres some help
    how to watch anime 101

  8. leecher says:

    hope you guys haven’t forgotten about v2. some people still waiting, cause you are like the only group that don’t encode shitty upscales.

  9. harry says:

    Wow great advice Espada,it really fixed the out of sync audio and subs .No need to get the v2 thats timed/synced right now that you have set us all straight and provided a magic solution

  10. stormsworder says:

    i tried using espada’s notes but its still out of sync…pls release a v2 XD