Hyperdimension Neptunia BDs Volume 4

720p AAC | 1080p FLAC

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22 Responses to “Hyperdimension Neptunia BDs Volume 4”

  1. vid says:

    all according to kotaku

  2. chieftain20 says:

    Actually suprised you didn’t do something like this:


  3. Ji says:


  4. Kurome says:

    You can’t spell Funimation with out F U.

  5.  says:

    Just like a plein

  6. Lover says:

    Are you going to do Symphogear G OVA episode ?

  7. Anon says:

    are you going to release the BD version of 9-12?

    sry, I’m kinda new here

  8. ohbejuan says:

    I think the raws are out now. [Ohys-Raws] Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation [BD 1280×720 x264 AAC]

  9. Kaizer says:

    What’s the current status on this so far? Has there been a release online for the remaining vols, which you guys can use yet?

  10. Hauupa says:

    Seeing that raws for 05 and 06 are out, are you guys working on it?

    Will audio commentaries be subbed too?