Ikebukuro West Gate Park 01


A few notes on this show.

1) Funi translated the ED, which is good because it’d be impossible for us in this episode. The downside is since characters talk over most of it is I can’t make out half the Japanese, so I can’t edit it while being sure the meaning is still correct. Hopefully next episode they have a real ED so I can, or maybe I’ll just have to wait until the official lyrics are out.

2) The lineart in this show looks extremely bad for some reason. It’s possible to fix, but it makes the encode take literally 4x as long. Even with a good CPU (Ryzen 5 3600), this means it takes about 5 hours to encode. Therefore, the releases will probably be a little slower than they would be otherwise. If you’re wondering, descaling to the native resolution with the correct kernel doesn’t do anything to fix the lineart.

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  1. VyseLegendaire says:

    The lineart being all scraggly is what distinguishes real anime and real super-computers