Infinite Stratos 2 07


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21 Responses to “Infinite Stratos 2 07”

  1. P says:

    Well… Are you going to tell us who is best girl?

  2. DmonHiro says:

    1st: thanks for this.
    2nd: please don’t take this as complaining, but any news of Doki Doki? I know I’m probably the only guy who cares, but I still have to ask.

  3. Alex says:

    Do u plan to do OVA of IS 2?

  4. Shinya says:

    dat mirrored subtitles.

  5. jaQbek says:

    thanks for sacrificing your braincells when translating this show.

  6. Emophia says:

    I loved what you did with the sentai anime backwards reflected on her glasses subtitles.

  7. Eledore says:

    Is it just me but this anime actually relate to real life?

    90% boredom and 10% actually hoping the action lasts longer?

    To me the story is just as a standstill, as all i see is fights over a guy. and i do say seen enough of that already.

  8. DW says:

    i wish Ichika would see more how they like him, this happens in so many anime that the guy dont see it, kinda annoying, i hope he kisses at least with someone before this ends